Commercial CCTV Drain Surveys in Kent

Nope, it’s not Wall-E but our little CCTV robot used for mapping and surveying large, commercial drainage pipes.

Sometimes we need to inspect drains properly if there’s a stubborn blockage or leak and this little remote-controlled CCTV survey bot is small enough to travel down the pipe and map the inside thanks to the camera affixed to the head. With full rotational movement, we can use the bot to accurately map the insides of your drain to find any cracks, damage or blockages in your pipes, allowing you to have them repaired or replaced before the problems develop into something more serious.

If you need a commercial CCTV drain survey conducted in Kent or Surrey, give Jonny’s Drains a call today on 01959 928853.

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Posted by Jonny’s Drains onĀ Monday, 21 August 2017