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Independent drainage company Jonny’s Drains provides a range of drainage services for commercial and residential customers. An average day for Jonny’s Drains includes tackling stubborn grease, oils, fats and foreign objects that cause blocked drains in East Grinstead; undertaking drain repairs, and providing drain surveys for homeowners and home buyers.

With over 12 years of experience in the drainage industry, Jonny’s Drains provides dedicated service to all customers, big and small, to ensure a cost-effective solution to their drainage problems. Utilising the top-of-the-range specialist equipment and tools, we can provide a variety of drain services from installations to repairs, cleaning to maintenance.

Our competitive quotes, honest assessments of the drainage issues and quality workmanship in every job we undertake has gained Jonny’s Drains a reputation for being a reliable drainage company you can trust. We pride ourselves on the job we do for our customers and have even been classed as an “angel” by Tommy Walsh on BBC TV programme “Cowboys and Angels”.

Blocked Drains in East Grinstead

If you’ve come home to find water backing up or often smell foul odours coming from your drains, there’s a good chance that you’re suffering from a blockage somewhere down the pipeline. It’s important to contact a drainage engineer at the first sign of a problem to ensure the issue doesn’t worsen and cause damage to your property. A flooded property, especially if the waste pipe is involved, can be extremely costly and stressful to rectify, whereas prevention by nipping any problem in the bud early will avoid such unpleasantness.

Jonny’s Drains unblock blocked drains in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas using the latest drainage equipment to clear the drainage system. Drains are usually blocked by grease, oils and fats that stick to the inside of the pipes and harden, causing obstruction, but it can often be from foreign objects such as wet wipes, tampons, sanitary towels, condoms, nappies and even some things you’d never have imagined! None of these materials can disintegrate and shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet or washed away down the sink as they can sit in the drainage system, collect and obstruct, causing an inefficient system that will need to be cleared.

We use many methods to clear blocked drains in East Grinstead, including:


Using water dispersed at high pressure inside the drainage system, drain jetting can usually blast through and wash away the blockage, as well as clearing and cleaning the internal lining of the pipe for a clean, flowing system.


Our Drain Rodding service utilises a rod that is fed through the pipework and is used to push through the more stubborn blockages. The Drain Jet is used in conjunction with the rod to clear any leftover debris to ensure the system is clear.


In the event that a drainage pipe has been obstructed by tree roots that have grown and broken through the pipework, a rooter may be used. A bladed cable is fed into the pipework that can sever any roots that have entered the pipework causing the obstruction.

As we provide emergency drainage service, we can attend a blocked drain 24/7 so you don’t need to suffer in silence.

In the rare event that the above methods don’t clear your blockage, we won’t charge a penny! Instead, we’ll arrange a suitable time with you to perform a drain survey on the problem pipe where we can use our CCTV drain survey equipment to locate the problem obstruction.

cctv drain surveys east grinstead

Drain Investigation – CCTV Drain Surveys in East Grinstead

Jonny’s Drains provide CCTV drain surveys in East Grinstead for a wide variety of customers. Inspecting a property’s drainage system may be useful if you have a stubborn blockage that refuses to budge using the usual methods. The camera system fed through the drainage system will allow our drainage engineer to pinpoint the location of the blockage and discover what exactly is causing the obstruction. Once the blockage is identified, we can then provide a quote for clearing the blockage and whether the pipe needs a repair or not – all of which is discussed with the client.

Drain Surveys aren’t just used for identifying blockages; they can be used to inspect the overall system, from the condition of the pipework to the direction of the flow. This is extremely useful for those on the property market who may be looking to purchase a property. By having a Homebuyer’s Drain Survey, we can provide a full detailed report and footage of the property’s drainage system and will alert you to any problems we’ve discovered. The results could be used as a bargaining point with the seller or could be used to instruct the seller to fix before agreeing to purchase the property.

Drain Repairs in East Grinstead

Whether damage has been caused to a drain pipe from a foreign object or through the corrosion of the pipework, Jonny’s Drains can perform all types of drain repairs.

Drain repairs come in all guises: drain replacement, patch repairs and drain relining. Our drainage engineers will discuss with you the best possible solutions for your drainage issues and advise which they think is the best option to proceed with for a healthy, efficient drainage system.

If you have a period property using older lead pipes that have corroded, then it may be better having the pipe replaced using a more modern, durable material.

If your drainage system has developed cracks then drain lining may be a perfectly suitable solution. The drain lining acts as a second skin inside the pipework and covers over the cracks and any abrasive surface, allowing water to flow through with the least friction possible.

All drain repairs in East Grinstead undertaken by Jonny’s Drains are provided with a guarantee to give you a peace of mind about the quality of our service.

Our services extend to, but aren’t limited to, drain moling and drain excavation, which are suitable for instances where new pipework needs to be installed. Drain moling is a trenchless, no-dig process which provides minimal mess and disruption and allows us to replace faulty pipes. Excavation, on the other hand, is where we dig to install new pipework.

If you are a landlord or own a number of properties, enquire today about our drain maintenance service. We can provide regular, scheduled servicing of your drainage systems to ensure they’re kept healthy and in working order.

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Drain Smoke Testing

As the only company in the UK who offer this service, Jonny’s Drains offer smoke testing in East Grinstead on the drainage system. By pumping non-toxic smoke into the drainage system, any issues plaguing the drainage system from gaps and loose connections to hidden manholes and vent pipe effectiveness, will be exposed. If you suspect your drainage system isn’t working efficiently, smoke testing will ensure to highlight any pipe defects above or below ground.


If water fails to drain away from your property after a downpour and waterlogs your garden or floods your drive, then you may benefit from having a soakaway installed. This will allow the water to drain away from the property and avoid flooding your home or business and that of your neighbour’s. Failure to do so could result in a fine or legal action as standing water on your property is your responsibility and could cause health issues and damage if not addressed.

Sewage Pump Station Installation & Repair in East Grinstead

If you have a pump station at your property that needs repairing or servicing, give Jonny a ring.

We can install, repair and service sewage pump stations in East Grinstead and can even replace single components as well as replacing entire systems.

A sewage pump station is necessary for properties that are unable to take advantage of gravity-fed flow into the main sewers because their drainage system is situated lower than the main sewers. Therefore, a pump station is required to pump the waste water upwards and away from property.

Need your wet well chamber unblocking? Perhaps your control panel no longer works? Whatever the problem, our experienced team at Jonny’s Drains can maintain and repair your pump station.

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