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If your residential property relies on a soil stack or soil vent pipe to remove gases and fumes, it is important that it is kept clear. Thanks to professional soil stack cleaning services, you’ll be able prevent a build up of potentially harmful gases in your property. This can prevent health hazards from developing across your residential building. It can also help to improve the reliability and longevity of your residential drainage system.

Jonny’s Drains can provide vertical stack cleaning in Kent and Surrey, no matter if it’s residential, commercial or an industrial property. We can help to keep your pipes clean and clear of blockages to ensure that they continue to operate as efficiently as possible. Having your soil stack and vent cleaned can reduce the risk of long-term damage occurring and help prevent the need for costly repairs across your residential property.

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What is a Soil Vent Pipe in Residential Properties?

A soil vent pipe is an essential part of many residential property’s drainage systems. It is used to remove gases and fumes from the waste liquid which passes through the pipes. Just like a chimney removes smoke and harmful fumes from a fireplace, a soil pipe removes gases from waste liquid.

These pipes are installed vertically and allow any gases to escape from the water as it passes through the system. While gravity pulls the waste water through to the mains sewer line or on-site septic tank, air is allowed to escape. This ensures that all the materials created in your waste water are disposed of in the best way possible.

Thanks to soil vent pipe cleaning, this soil stack will be able to disperse gases into the air extremely quickly. This will prevent the surrounding area from smelling of waste. It is only when you neglect to take advantage of premium stack cleaning services that the smell from these pipes can become a problem.

How do Soil Vent Pipes Become Blocked

Vertical soil stack pipe cleaning can provide a range of benefits to your property and prevent damage and foul smells from occurring. As the soil pipe transports only gases, it is not designed to handle any kind of solid or liquid waste. As a result, it can easily become blocked if it is forced to deal with any of these materials.

There are several different ways in which soil vent pipes can become blocked. Some of these are:

  • Plant and Tree Root Intrusion – Just like with any kind of drain pipe, there is the risk of plant or tree roots intruding into the drainage system. Roots will always attempt to grow upwards, particularly in the direction of moisture or sunlight. Roots can easily enter any kind of drain pipe and grow along them.As a soil pipe points vertically, roots will grow directly along them. These roots can cause blockages and substantial damage throughout your residential property.
  • Dirt, Debris and Muck – It is easy for dirt and debris to become caught in the soil vent pipe. Anything from cotton buds and wet wipes to kitchen roll can easily stick in the stack. This can lead to serious blockages in your drainage system.
  • Improper Plunging – When you plunge a toilet or drain incorrectly, you can force waste and water move through the pipes. Water and loose materials tend to take the path of least resistance. That means soil vent pipes are vulnerable to blockages from other drains. Stack cleaning can be the only way to prevent these blockages from causing long-term issues to your property.

Where is Stack Cleaning Useful?

Stack cleaning is an essential part of drainage maintenance for many properties, including blocks of flats. These are the properties which are most vulnerable to any kind of drainage blockage. These systems are extremely vulnerable to flooding. If you don’t take the time to ensure that they are cleaned and maintained effectively, you could be putting your residents at risk.

How Is Stack Cleaning Conducted?

We use the latest in industry techniques to provide reliable stack cleaning. We can deliver high-pressure water-jetting vent cleaning services to unique mechanical stack cleaning. These solutions will eliminate all blockages and waste within the soil vent pipe. Thanks to professional stack cleaning services, you’ll be able to let unpleasant and potentially harmful gases escape your property without causing any problems.

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