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Jonny’s Drains is an independent drainage company in Epsom, providing a wide range of drainage services throughout the area, including neighbouring Croydon and Guildford, for both residential and commercial properties.

We are proud to offer emergency drainage services for those in need so if you’re suffering with a drainage issue in the middle of the night, don’t despair, Jonny is here for you!

Having been praised by Tommy Walsh on BBC programme ‘Cowboys and Angels’, you can trust in Jonny’s Drains to deliver the very best service possible.

Using the latest industry-leading tools and technology, Jonny’s Drains can handle drainage jobs of all sizes. Contact Jonny’s Drains today for a free, no-obligation quote for drain installation, repair or drain clearance in Epsom.

Cleaning Blocked Drains in Epsom

​If you’re having trouble when using your sink or toilet, such as water draining slowly or your toilet not flushing properly, it may be that your drainage system is blocked. A blocked drain can be very troublesome and can event result in flooding if left unchecked. If you suspect that your drains are blocked, then it’s best to get the system attended to as soon as possible to prevent the blockage from developing into a bigger, more costly problem.

Jonny’s Drains can clean blocked drains in Epsom and the surrounding areas using a range of effective drain cleaning methods. All of our drain unblocking solutions are approved by the NADC and we aim to unblock your blocked drain in Epsom and surrounding areas, such as Tadworth and Banstead, within an hour.

We can unblock drains, blocked toilets and blocked sinks using the following methods:


Drain jetting is one of the most effective methods of drain clearance. Using high pressure water jetting equipment, we can clear blockages and clean the inside of the pipework and blast away the blockage.


If drain jetting doesn’t work effectively on its own, we may use an extended rod to can break up and push through the blockage before using the drain jet once more to clean the inside of the pipe.


Sometimes tree roots may invade the pipework and cause a blockage. Using root cutter equipment, we can sever the roots to clear the drainage pipe of the obstruction.

We offer competitive priced drain unblocking for both domestic and commercial properties. Not only that, if we’re unable to unblock your drains due to a stubborn blockage, we won’t charge a penny! Instead, we can arrange to undertake a drain survey to identify the issue causing the obstruction to ensure effective drain clearance of the blocked drain.

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CCTV Drain Surveys in Epsom

Jonny’s Drains can perform CCTV drain surveys in Epsom and neighbouring towns to investigate any drainage issues that may be plaguing the drainage system of a property.

Drain surveys are often undertaken when it appears there’s a drainage issue within the system, usually a blockage, that cannot be identified or located without inspecting it with a camera probe.

By having a drain survey at your home or business, our drainage engineer will be able to pinpoint the exact location of a problem in your drainage system as well as discover what’s causing it. We often find collapsed liners, broken pipework and tree root ingress causing issues within drains and have even found other materials causing blockages, such as concrete. Our state-of-the-art camera equipment will be able to pick up everything which is occurring inside the system and allow our drainage engineer to identify any current and developing problems in the system.

When we perform a CCTV drain survey in Epsom, we deliver a full written report and a DVD of the footage captured for your reference. We can also provide a quote for any repair work that may be necessary.

Home Buyer’s Drain Surveys

Many home buyers are also encourage to have a drain survey on any property they intend to purchase to assess the condition of the drains. This can identify any issues that may be plaguing the drainage system which may be costly to rectify. Rather than be an unexpected financial burden later on, any drainage problems identified by a drainage survey can then be brought up with the seller to rectify ahead of the exchange of contracts.

Professional Drain Repairs in Epsom

​If you have damage to your drainage system or a drain survey has identified issues with the condition of your drainage pipes, then it may be that the system needs to be repaired or replaced.

With a dedication to detail and a thorough service, you can be assured that Jonny’s Drains will deliver the right job for you.

Jonny’s Drains is able to provide a range of services including pitch fibre repairs, drain lining installation, collapsed drain liner removal and drain pipe replacement. Whether we use drain excavation or drain moling techniques to access your drainage system, we always aim for as little disruption as possible.

Drain lining is one of the most effective repairs which we can undertake on your drainage pipes. If a pipe is cracked or damaged but doesn’t necessary warrant an expensive replacement, having a resin liner placed inside the pipe will restore the effectiveness of the pipe and allow it to function normally again. This method is sometimes referred to as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) and is a widely-used repair for full lengths of pipe and patch repairs. Drain lining is durable and long-lasting which makes it the perfect choice of repair for pipework with minor damage.

With our team of drainage engineers, we can install a number of drainage solutions, whether that’s a full drainage system, replacing old drains or installing sewage treatment plants to handle waste removal if you’re unable to connect to the mains sewer. If your land suffers from flooding, we can even install a soakaway to properly drain away excess rainwater from your property.

If you’re interested in any of our drainage services in Epsom, contact Jonny today on 01959928853.

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Installation & Repair of Sewage Pump Stations in Epsom

If your property is situated lower than the main sewer system, you’ll more than likely need a pump for the waste water to be taken away from the property.

Jonny’s Drains can install and repair sewage pump stations in Epsom Everything from a full pump station to the individual components such as the wet well chamber, pump or control unit can be installed or repaired.

Sometimes wet well chambers can become blocked as they’re used to collect waste water. We can clear the wet well chamber of all blockages to get your chamber working correctly once more. A healthy chamber will store the waste water which is then pumped to the main sewer system once it reaches the a certain level.

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Unblocking Household Drains in Epsom: Restoring Flow and Resolving Blockages

Are you grappling with a vexing situation of blocked toilets or other drainage issues in your Epsom home? Fret not! Our expert team at Epsom Drain Clearers is here to provide swift and effective solutions. With our extensive experience in drain cleaning, clearance, and repair, we are renowned for delivering top-quality service to households in Epsom and surrounding areas.

Decoding Drainage Issues: Unraveling the Mystery of Blockages

Dealing with drain blockages can be a perplexing and disruptive ordeal. Understanding the underlying causes of these blockages is crucial for prompt resolution. Let’s shed light on the most common culprits and the burst of relief our services can bring.

Drain Cleaning in Epsom: Rejuvenating Your Drains

To maintain a free-flowing and efficient drainage system, regular drain cleaning is paramount. Over time, drains can accumulate debris such as hair, soap scum, food particles, and mineral deposits, leading to blockages. Our drain cleaning services in Epsom employ state-of-the-art techniques to restore your drains to their pristine condition.

By harnessing our expertise and cutting-edge equipment, we unleash a burst of energy into your drains, dislodging any obstructions and rejuvenating their functionality. Say goodbye to sluggish drains and welcome the refreshing flow of water.

Tackling Blocked Drains in Epsom: Swift Action, Swift Solutions

When faced with a blocked toilet or drain, time is of the essence. Our team at Epsom Drain Clearers thrives on the burst of urgency to provide rapid and reliable solutions. With our arsenal of tools and techniques, we confront the challenge head-on.

We delve deep into the mysteries of your blocked drains, armed with drain rods, high-pressure water jetting, and advanced drain cameras. This burst of technology helps us pinpoint the exact location and nature of the blockage, empowering us to implement the most effective strategies for clearance. Let the burst of freedom flow through your pipes once more.

Restoring Functionality: Drain Repair Expertise

In some cases, a drain blockage might be a symptom of underlying issues within your drainage system. Our drain repair services in Epsom tackle these challenges headlong. Bursting with knowledge and expertise, our team conducts meticulous inspections to identify damaged pipes, leaks, or other defects affecting your drains.

We then deploy tailored solutions, with bursts of precision and craftsmanship, to repair and restore your drainage system to optimal functionality. Witness the burst of transformation as we breathe new life into your drains.

Embrace the Burst of Confidence: Trust Epsom Drain Clearers

When it comes to household drain blockages and maintenance, trust the expertise of Epsom Drain Clearers to deliver exceptional results. Bursting with passion, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Our team combines extensive experience, innovative equipment, and bursts of customer-centric focus to meet your unique needs.

Don’t let drain blockages or other drainage issues dampen your spirits. Reach out to us today for reliable drain cleaning, clearance, and repair services in Epsom. Experience the burst of relief as we restore the flow and harmony within your home.

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