Water & Sewage Pump Stations

Pump Station Installation in Kent and Surrey

In the absence of a gravity drain or if your home or business’ drainage is situated lower than the mains sewer system, then you’ll require a pump to successfully pump the wastewater away from the property.

Jonny’s Drains can install pump stations in Kent and Surrey – everything from the pump and chamber (wet wells) to the control unit, to take waste water away from your property or even a whole street.

A wet well chamber will be installed at your property to collect the waste water. Once it reaches a certain level, the control unit will automatically activate the pump to transfer the waste water from the wet well to to the mains sewer system.

Jonny’s Drains has vast experience in both installing and repairing pump stations in Kent and is available to deliver a suitable pump solution to match your requirements.

Pump Station Installation Kent

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Domestic Sewage Pump Station

Jonny’s Drains can install a domestic sewage pump station at your property to perfectly manage domestic properties or varying sizes. The pump stations we supply and fit can cater for the amount of waste produced by a household to ensure waste is effectively pumped away from the property.

Commercial Sewage Pump Station

We understand how important it is to have a commercial sewage pump station installed that can handle the waste waster removal of a business, whether it’s for small and medium businesses to larger, corporate workforces. We have a variety of solutions available to suit different sizes of business which will effectively pump the sewage produced.

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Sewage Pump Station Repair

if you already have a sewage pump station fitted at your property but it’s not working as it should, give Jonny’s Drains a call today. We have experience in repairing and replacing various parts of the pump station, from the pump itself to the control unit.

We can also carry out refurbishments on pump stations and have recently done one in the area that involved installing a new IP66 3 phase control panel, duel vortex pumps, float switches, guide rails and high pressure pipework.

After any pump station repair, replacement or installation, Jonny will ensure the pump station is working correctly.

Jonny can provide annual pump station servicing in Kent and Surrey to ensure your pump station and its components are kept in working condition.

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