Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plant Installation in Kent & Surrey

Jonny’s Drains can provide installation of sewage treatment plants in Kent, Surrey and surrounding areas, for residential and commercial properties which are unable to connect to the mains drainage line.

We know how important it is to have a sewage treatment plant that can manage the waste of a number of people. During a consultation, we can decide which sewage treatment system will be suitable for your property based on the use and residents or employees.

The sewage treatment plants which we install are quiet, odourless and low maintenance meaning you needn’t stress about the plant once installed. Should you ever face any problems with your system, our team is just a phone call away with sewage treatment plant servicing and repairs available.

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Why do I need a Sewage Treatment Plant?

As of January 2020, septic tanks that discharge effluent directly to watercourses have to be replaced by Sewage Treatment Plants. Anyone who already owns a septic tank for their property must upgrade or replace their septic tank with a fully compliant sewage treatment plant.

A septic tank, by itself, is simply a settlement tank which holds waste water and sewage, and is fitted and used by properties, often situated in rural locations, which cannot connect to the mains sewer. Where septic tanks correctly discharge to a drainage field, it is the drainfield which filters and treats the septic fluid. As the effluent is not treated in instances where the septic tank discharges into the watercourse, the Environment Agency have changed the ruling so that septic tanks must either discharge to a drainage field that meets British Standards or be replaced by a Sewage Treatment Plant.

A drainage field for a septic tank has to be of a certain size to accommodate the waste discharge. Some homeowners may struggle if their land is populated by trees or not substantially large enough to cater for a drainfield. The advantage of having a septic tank replaced by a Sewage Treatment Plant is that the drainage field size is often 20% less than that required of a septic tank’s drainage field.

What is a Sewage Treatment Plant?

A sewage treatment plant is a system that acts as a sewage tank and treats the waste fluid by removing contaminants before the effluent leaves the system. This is a much cleaner, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to sewage and wastewater disposal compared to that of septic tanks,

To ensure your property adheres to the regulations, enquire about our sewage treatment plant installation in Kent and Surrey with a quote from Jonny’s Drains. We have a range of types available to suit domestic, light commercial and heavy commercial usage.

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Taking Care of Your Sewage Treatment Plants

Even though sewage treatment plants are rather low maintenance, there are things that you can do to help keep the system in a healthy condition. It’s also worthwhile to have the treatment plant regularly serviced to ensure it’s working efficiently and to help prevent problems from developing.

Jonny’s Drains can provide sewage treatment plant servicing in Kent and Surrey for homeowners and businesses who require the service.

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Scraping Food off Plates and Disposing of FOGs

It’s always in your best interest to scrape any leftovers off your plate and dispose of them properly. This also extends to fat, oil and grease (FOGs) from your pots and pans, which should not be poured down the sink, but poured into a container and thrown away.

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Only Flush Toilet Paper

It might sound obvious, but only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Anything other than toilet roll, such as paper towels, wipes and napkins, will not disintegrate properly and will clog up your system. If flushed, sanitary products can also cause blockages.

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Need a sewage treatment plant installed in Kent or Surrey? No problem!

Jonny’s Drains can provide complete sewage treatment plant and drainage field installation services for all kinds of properties. For more than 12 years, Jonny’s Drains has worked to provide septic and sewage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial facilities across Kent and Surrey.

The sewage treatment plants that we can install are complete. That means we can install systems of all sizes and capacities, in addition to reliable drainfields. You need to be aware, however, that all installations of sewage treatment plants require permission. You will need to obtain both planning permission and Building Regulations Approval.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jonny today.

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