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Smoke Testing in Kent and Surrey

Pressurised Smoke Testing is the number one way to trace smells within a building, It’s done by forcing smoke under pressure into a drainage system via an inspection chamber. Smoke will then be seen if there are pipe defects either above or below ground.

This method of smoke testing has also been used to trace hidden inspection chambers & manholes, rodent entry points and vent pipe effectiveness. If there are any leaks or loose connections in the system, smoke testing will highlight them.

Jonny’s Drains is the only known company within the UK to offer this service. With specialist equipment, Jonny can perform smoke testing at your home, industrial or commercial property. The smoke itself is non-toxic therefore you can rest assured nothing will be harmed or contaminated by performing a test such as this.

Smoke testing can be utilised in a number of settings, not just domestic and commercial. With our specialised equipment, we can discover the source of any issues which may be plaguing your system.

If you require smoke testing in Kent or Surrey, contact Jonny’s Drains today on 01959928853 or via the contact form.

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