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Blocked Drain Cleaning in Redhill

When drains become blocked, many people reach for the household drain cleaning chemicals in the hope that this will clear the blockage. Whilst some cleaning fluids might work, if the blockage is serious, you’ll find the solution is only temporary. To properly tackle your blocked drains, you’ll need a drainage engineer you can trust.

Experienced, local drainage company Jonny’s Drains can provide a number of drainage services, not least clear blocked drains in Redhill. With access to the latest equipment and tools, Jonny and his team can undertake a variety of small to large drain services, from drain cleaning to pump station installation. With competitive rates for both domestic and commercial work, Jonny’s Drains can get your drainage system back on track.

We all know drains can become a problem at the worst possible time which is why we offer an emergency service. With our drainage engineers on-call 24 hours a day, you can receive help when you need it most. Available  7 days a week, including Bank Holidays, Jonny’s Drains are simply a phone call away.

Having worked on the drainage of a number of high profile commercial clients, such as KFC and Tesco, you can trust in Jonny to provide a stellar service.

blocked drains redhill

Drain Unblocking in Redhill

Blocked toilets can become problematic for any household or business so ensuring that they’re cleared promptly and thoroughly is paramount to keeping family members, staff and clients happy, especially if there’s a limited number of toilets in the building.

Blocked drains, not just toilets, can become clogged up in a number of ways. Baby wipes, female sanitary products, condoms ad paper towels are often one of the biggest contributors to blockages however it’s grease and fat that is the worst culprit of all. FOGs (fat, oil and grease) are sticky by nature and when cooled, solidify. If poured down the drain, they will cling to the inside wall of the pipe, creating a mass which other debris, like the aforementioned hygiene products, can stick to. If unchecked, these blockages can grow to mammoth proportions, such as the ones seen in sewers throughout the UK, often referred to as ‘fatbergs’.

To prevent a fatberg or major blockage of your own, contact a reputable drainage engineer such as Jonny’s Drains. Jonny can provide drain unblocking in Redhill for homes and business to ensure your drainage system can flow freely once more.

Using a number of drainage methods, such as drain jetting, descaling and rodding, our team of drainage engineers can clean the drains, break down the blockage and clear it out of the system.

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is one of the most effective ways of drain unblocking, thanks to the high-pressure water used to clean the inside of the drainage pipes and dislodging any building up.

Drain Rodding

On more stubborn drainage blockages, we may need to utilise the drain rod tool. Using an extendable rod fed into the pipe, we can force through the blockage manually to break it up.

Drain Descaling

Mineral buildup inside pipework can be quite obtrusive and can cause obstruction of flow in the drains. Our descaling equipment can remove the buildup to allow water to flow.

Whilst our methods of drain cleaning in Redhill are highly effective, there may be times where a blockage refuses to clear. This can be an indicator that something else is causing the issue and not simply a build up of debris. In these cases, we may need to investigate further by undertaking a drain survey inspection of the drainage system.

To ensure your clogged drains don’t cause flooding or become a costly problem, contact Jonny’s Drains at the first sign of any blockage.
We can clear:


  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Blocked Baths
  • Blocked Showers
  • Blocked Gullys
  • Blocked Waste Pipes
  • Blocked Manholes
  • Blocked Rainwater Pipes
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CCTV Drain Surveys in Redhill

When investigating a drainage issue or the layout of drains for development purposes, a drain survey will be necessary,

At Jonny’s Drains, we can undertake CCTV drain surveys in Redhill for homeowners who wish to get to the bottom of their drainage problems. Using the latest in CCTV technology, we can insert a camera probe into the drains to identify the condition of the drains and to see what could be causing the malfunction of the drains.

Using our CCTV drain survey equipment, we can locate issues such as failed drain linings, misaligned joints, pipe damage and tree roots, all of which can cause disrupted flow within the drainage system.

A drain survey is always recommended when purchasing a property. Often referred to as a Homebuyer’s Drain Survey, the inspection will be able to identify any existing or developing issues in the drains that need to be looked at. The results of a drain survey can provide buyers with the information required to progress with the purchase. If the survey highlights a problem, the report can be used to negotiate with the seller so remedial work can be undertaken. Some mortgage lenders and insurance companies may also require a drain survey to be done on a property before providing their services.

Request a drain survey in Redhill today with Jonny’s Drains.

Drain Repairs in Redhill

Jonny’s Drains can undertake a variety of drain repairs in Redhill on domestic and commercial properties.

From laying complete drainage systems for new builds and developments to providing patch repairs on existing drains, our experienced, skilled drainage engineers can provide the right services for you at a competitive price.

If your drains have seen better days and have suffered minor cracks, we can offer a service called drain lining. Also referred to as CIPP lining, drain lining is suitable for minor damage and is used to line the inside of the pipework to cover the cracks and provide a smooth surface which waste and water can flow. Lining can be installed throughout an entire length of pipework or if just a short area is damaged, patch repair can be undertaken. Drain lining is installed via no-dig technology with access to the drains usually provided via the manholes. Without the need for drain excavation, drain lining is a much more cost-efficient method of repairing the drains. 

drain repairs redhill

For more serious damage, our team can provide drain replacement using the latest in drainage materials to ensure your drainage system is both durable and fit for purpose. We have the equipment available to excavate areas for drain installation as well as pump station and septic tank installation.

After each drainage repair by Jonny’s Drains, a free drain survey is undertaken to ensure that the drains are working correctly.

Whatever type of drainage repairs you may require, get a free quote from Jonny’s Drains today.

Installation and Repair of Sewage Pump Stations in Redhill

If your home or property is unable to transport waste water to the mains sewers due to the positioning of the building’s drains being lower than the mains itself, then contact our team of drainage experts today.

Jonny’s Drains can undertake sewage pump station installation in Redhill for all sizes of property to ensure your waste water is managed correctly. We can provide full installations for those customers who’ve never had a pump before, and partial installations should you decide to upgrade your existing pump station.

We also provide servicing of sewage pumps in Redhill for systems which aren’t working correctly. Maybe your system’s control unit is faulty or perhaps your water well chamber is blocked and requires cleaning? Our team can do it all – repair, clean, maintain and replace. Get a quote today!

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