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Drain Replacement in Kent & Surrey

Over time, drains can succumb to their surroundings and become defective, either through weakening of the material of the pipes or outside land movement and disturbance. Sometimes, substances that are poured down the drain can cause negative effects too such as cracks and deformities within the pipework.

Defective pipes can be responsible for flooding and blockages which can cause problems inside the home with appliances and facilities, such as flushing away the waste from the toilet. Having your pipes checked over is important to ensure that your drains aren’t defective but if they are, then drain replacement may be an option.

 Jonny’s Drains replace drains in Kent and Surrey where repairing is not an option. This is usually when the damage is too severe to rectify and where the system would be better served by the laying of fresh pipe. This is more often the case where pipe has been laid for over 50 years and has experienced irreversible damage.

When replacing drains, we ensure that excavation is kept to a minimum and that the land is returned to as close as it were prior dig.

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