Blocked Drains Tunbridge Wells

Blocked Drains in Tunbridge Wells

When water starts to drain slowly down the plughole or you begin to smell sewage, it may be due to the fact you’ve got a blocked drain. Whilst some household liquids can dislodge minor blockages, they won’t do much for drains that are clogged further down within the system, especially if waste products and fat have built up inside. Before the blocked drain becomes worse, we recommend seeking the services of an expert.

Professional drainage engineer Jonny’s Drains provides solutions for blocked drains in Tunbridge Wells, utilising professional tools and the latest technology that meets industry standards. Jonny and his team also provide drainage services throughout the surrounding area, including Tonbridge, Maidstone and Uckfield.

Having been praised by Tommy Walsh as a “property angel” on his TV programme “Cowboys and Angels”, Jonny prides himself in offering all customers a stellar service at competitive prices with drain unblocking in Tunbridge Wells available at fixed cost per hour. If for some reason your drain cannot be unblocked within the hour using the usual methods, you won’t be charged a penny! Jonny will instead set another appointment to properly inspect the blockage plaguing your drains.

blocked drains tunbridge wells

Drain Unblocking in Tunbridge Wells

No-one should have to put up with the stress and damage that blocked drains can cause which is why it’s paramount to contact a drainage engineer, like Jonny, to inspect the clogged drain as soon as possible.

Jonny will use various solutions to unblock your drains including:


With the aid of high pressured water, drain jetting will flush out the blockage and blast the build up of grime from within the drainage pipe leaving a clear drain system for optimum usage.


A rod with a camera on the end is placed into the drain to uncover the blockage and is used to thrust through the obstruction.


This technique uses a drill type appliance which purges roots inside the drainage system, allowing water and rubble to circulate unhampered within the system.

These methods usually clear blocked drains but in some cases, the blockage clogging the drain is much more stubborn and will need to be investigated with a CCTV drain survey before successfully being unblocked.

Jonny’s Drains provides drain unblocking in Tunbridge Wells 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you need never be stuck with a blocked drain at your domestic, industrial or commercial property. With competitive prices and honest, quality workmanship, you can be assured your drains are in safe hands.

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CCTV Drain Surveys in Tunbridge Wells

If you’re looking for a CCTV drain survey performed in Tunbridge Wells at your property, Jonny’s Drains are here to help.

Also known as a homebuyer’s report, a CCTV drain survey will inspect the drainage system and highlight any issues or damage that may be affecting the drains. This is particularly useful if the a homeowner is experiencing a blockage issue that cannot be fixed using the usual methods outlined above.

CCTV drain surveys can help you discover problems in the early stages, allowing you time to have them repaired before they develop into something a lot more serious and costly.

Ensuring the condition of a drainage system is in satisfactory, working order is important for many individuals, not just the homeowner, from prospective home buyers to home insurance companies.

Like most things, with extended use comes wear and tear which is why many properties, particularly older, Victorian properties, are better having a CCTV drain survey undertaken to ensure there’s no damage that needs repairing.

Drain Repairs in Tunbridge Wells

​In the event that your drainage system is cracked or damaged, then it is advisable to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Jonny’s Drains undertakes drain repairs in Tunbridge Wells, with a guarantee provided on all work undertaken.

Repairing drains encompasses various different techniques and methods depending on what faults and issues the drainage system is experiencing. These include:

drain repairs tunbridge wells

Drain Moling

With drain moling, we can perform no-dig trenchless services, not unlike how keyhole surgery is used on patients, which allows us to avoid the upheaval and mess that drain excavation can bring. With less mess and disruption, drain moling is used to drill through the ground to access and lay new pipe.

Drain Lining

Not all drainage pipes need to be replaced. In many cases, pipes can benefit from drain lining which acts as a second layer, covering up any minor cracks in the pipe and allow the water to flow through the drainage system more smoothly. Drain lining also helps to prevent further damage occurring to the pipe.

Drain Excavation

In the event that new drains need to be installed, drain excavation will be undertaken to remove the old drains and replace with the new pipes.

Pitch Fibre Repairs

Most commonly installed in the 1950’s-1970’s, pitch fibre pipes were used as a cheaper alternative to clay pipes but were unfortunately prone to damage. Decades later, property owners are now succumbing to the faults of the inferior substitute. Fortunately, we can repair pitch fibre pipes through drain relining or you can choose to have them replaced with better quality, modern-day pipes.


For gardens and driveways in Tunbridge Wells experiencing flooding, it’s advisable to have a soakaway installed which will allow any water falling onto the property’s land to drain away, minimising the risk of flooding to yours or your neighbour’s property.

Whatever problems you may be experiencing with your drains, give Jonny a call. With years of experience and access to the latest tools and equipment, you can trust Jonny’s Drains to deliver high quality drain repairs in Tunbridge Wells.

Sewage Pump Stations in Tunbridge Wells

If your property has trouble sending waste to the main sewers, then call Jonny’s Drains. Jonny can provide installation of sewage pump stations in Tunbridge Wells for your domestic or commercial property to effectively pump sewage away from your building and into the main sewer. A sewage pump station is usually needed when the property’s drains are situated lower than the main sewers and therefore cannot rely on gravity to feed the waste water to the sewers.

A pump station contains three parts: the wet well chamber, the pump itself and the control unit. If any of these aren’t working properly, then the sewage pump station will fail to work. Should that happen, you can call Jonny who is able to undertake sewage pump station repairs in Tunbridge Wells. From full system installations to blocked wet well cleaning and control unit replacements, Jonny’s Drains offers it all.

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