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Septic Tank Installation in Kent & Surrey

If your property can’t be connected to a mains sewer line, then septic tanks are your only choice. Here at Jonny’s Drains, we can provide septic tank installation to properties across Kent and Surrey. We can deliver septic tanks to industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Jonny will ensure that all your property’s waste is directed into a high-capacity septic tank.

Septic tank systems are essential for all kinds of properties. They can allow out-of-the-way properties and industrial facilities to enjoy the benefits of a reliable drainage system. This can help to prevent structural damage and health hazards across your property. Without access to a septic tank system, your property could quickly become an extremely unpleasant place to be.

As of January 2020, you must upgrade your septic tank to be compliant to strict Environmental regulations or replace septic tanks with Sewage Treatment Plants. Please contact Jonny’s Drains today for more information to see whether you require an upgrade or replacement.

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Septic Tank Installation for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties

Waste tanks are hard-wearing and high-capacity systems which can deal with practically all kinds of waste. These tanks can handle huge volumes of waste without failure, and deliver a long-lasting, practical service.

The versatility of septic tanks systems is their biggest advantage. They can be installed in practically any environment. They are manufactured and treated to resist damage and the corrosive materials they are forced to handle daily. Once the septic tanks have been installed, these waste management features are unnoticeable.

Is a Septic Tank Right for My Property in Kent or Surrey?

There are several different reasons why you won’t be able to connect your property to an existing mains sewer line. It is possible, for example, that your new build or conversion is too far away from existing mains sewer lines. For larger properties, such as industrial facilities, the construction might place too much stress on an existing system. If the sewer line cannot handle the increased waste volume, then you may have to rely on septic tanks installation.

Before you commit to septic tanks installation, there are a few things you need to consider. Despite the system’s versatility, there are still some issues which can prevent the installation from going smoothly. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

Is the Ground Suitable for Septic Tank Installation?

Here at Jonny’s Drains, we can provide septic tanks installation in most properties. You need to make sure that the soil in your property allows the septic tank to discharge water into the ground. Soakaways and land drains are essential for any kind of septic tanks system. They are used to prevent the property itself from becoming water-logged.

Is My Property Large Enough for Septic Tank Installation?

Septic tanks are extremely large. They need to be to handle the volume of waste they will be required to deal with over the years. Even the smaller waste tanks can be around nine-feet long, five-feet wide and five-feet tall. They also need to be installed at a regulated distance from your home or business.

Where Does the Waste Water Go?

As it is no longer legal to discharge waste water from a waste tank directly into a watercourse, you need to ensure your septic system has access to a soakaway or a drainage field. These soakaways are important when it comes to eliminating water from your property and preventing structural damage.

Taking Care of Your Septic Tank System

One of the biggest problems with septic tanks is that they need to be used carefully once they’ve been installed. Blockages in these pipes can lead to long-lasting problems across your property. As such, you need to follow the best drainage care practices, including:

Before you commit to septic tanks installation, there are a few things you need to consider. Despite the system’s versatility, there are still some issues which can prevent the installation from going smoothly. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

Scraping Plates and Disposing of FOGs

Fats, oils and greases (FOGs), in addition to food waste, can easily become problematic for septic tanks. They can cause blockages which are difficult to shift and will result in long-term damage to your pipes.

Removing Hair and Soap Scum

One of the bad habits which can cause a great deal of damage to waste tanks is the disposal of hair and soap scum. These materials can block up drains and contribute to all kinds of blockages.

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Need a septic tank installed in Kent or Surrey? No problem!

Here at Jonny’s Drains, we can provide complete septic tanks installation services for all kinds of properties. For more than 12 years, Jonny’s Drains has worked to provide hard-wearing septic tank systems. We can deliver septic tanks installation services to residential, commercial and industrial facilities across Kent and Surrey.

The septic tanks systems that we can install are complete. That means we can install tanks of all sizes and capacities, in addition to reliable soakaways. You need to be aware, however, that all installation of septic systems and tanks requires permission. You will need to obtain both planning permission and Building Regulations Approval.

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