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Premier Drain Unblocking in Surrey and Throughout Kent

Being a drainage specialist, I spend most of my days clearing blockages and servicing problematic drains across Surrey and the South East for both domestic and commercial customers – from councils to couples.

No job is too big or small. Whether it’s unblocking a toilet in Croydon or clearing drains in Guildford, Jonny’s Drains can fix your clogged drains.

Most blocked drains in Surrey and the surrounding areas are cleared within 1 hour and it’s usually done with high pressure water jetting. This ensures that not only is the drain unblocked but it’s also clear of any debris that may cause a future blockage.

If I’m not 100% satisfied with the drain clearance then I’ll also check the drains using my CCTV drain survey camera. This will confirm the condition of the drains and make sure they won’t block again, all at no extra charge!

With my 24/7 emergency drainage service, no matter if it’s night or day, I can attend your property to solve your blocked drain woes.

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Clearing Blocked Drains in Surrey and Kent

I undertake many drainage jobs across the South East counties of Kent and Surrey, not just Westerham. One of my recent jobs involved unblocking drains in the local park.

Throughout the seasons, outdoor drains in public places, especially parks, can often get clogged up with leaves, rubbish and other debris, causing flooding on the footpaths. Ensuring these drains are unblocked regularly can help prevent the likelihood of flooding, allowing public service to resume unaffected.

Cleaning Drainage Channels

Drainage channels are often fitted at the side of roads, on forecourts and other paving, and can be found at industrial, commercial, public and private sites.

Over time, drainage channels can get clogged up with road and path debris, including natural waste such as dead leaves, as well as rubbish dropped by passers by.

When these channels get blocked up, they can cause flooding and standing water on roads and paving, which can cause disruption for pedestrians and vehicles.

Jonny’s Drains can unblock and clean drainage channels to ensure that surface water is properly drained away from the site.

If you have a property or building that has drainage channels, we recommend setting up a drainage maintenance contract where we will regularly attent your property to service and clean the drains. This can prevent major blockages and disruption to your site.

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Professional, Effective Drain Cleaning

When I’m clearing blocked drains in Surrey that have been clogged up with baby wipes or descaling drains in Tonbridge that have succumbed to mineral build up, I use a variety of methods that have been proven to effectively unblock drains.

Some of the techniques and tools I utilise when unblocking and cleaning drains include:

drain jetting

Drain Jetting

Drain Jetting involves the use water being dispersed into the pipework at high pressure in order to clear any debris that may be sticking to the inside of the pipework and to blast away any buildup that may be obstructing the flow within the pipe.

drain rodding

Drain Rodding

Drain Rodding employs the use of an extended pole that is used to manually push through stubborn blockages; the ones that require a bit of elbow grease to help break up! Drain Jetting usually follows to help remove any leftover debris.

root cutting

Crown Cutter

The Crown Cutter is a specialist tool used for clearing blockages caused by cement, tree root ingress, failed/collapsed liners and more. This versatile piece of equipment is an integral part of a drain cleaning company’s arsenal.

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Many of my customers require drain unblocking in Westerham and surrounding areas, be it toilet and sink blockages, clogged up waste pipes or manholes. If you discover a blockage, don’t delay. I offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week service and can often unblock your drain within an hour. So if you have emergency drainage issues, contact Jonny’s Drains straight away on 01959 928 853.

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