Blocked Drains Sevenoaks

Blocked Drains in Sevenoaks

If water’s draining slowly down the plug hole, it could be an indication of a blocked drain. Unpleasant odours are another sign that there may be an issue and if you come home to find water backing up, without a doubt you need a drainage engineer!

Jonny’s Drains are an independent drainage company that clear domestic and commercial blocked drains in Sevenoaks with a 24 hour emergency drainage service available for both residents and businesses. Jonny’s Drains uses the latest technology and industry leading equipment to provide the most cost-efficient drainage service for clients throughout Sevenoaks.

You may have spotted Jonny of Jonny’s Drains on BBC television show Cowboys and Angels where Jonny was described by host Tommy Walsh as a ‘property angel’. Trustworthy and reliable, Jonny’s Drains is a local drainage company you can depend upon.

Our drainage expert at Jonny’s Drains prides himself in delivering a high quality service at competitive prices to ensure your drainage system is back to working order.

If your property needs rescuing from blocked drain woes, then Jonny’s Drains is just a phone call away!

Unblocking Drains in Sevenoaks

Most people are guilty of pouring liquids down the sink or flushing items away that they shouldn’t, even if only accidentally. Whether it’s baby wipes, sanitary products or oil, these products can contribute to a blocked toilet, sink or blocked drain and the many problems that come with it.

If you have an inkling that your drain may be blocked, then it’s always best to call a drainage engineer to inspect the blockage and clear the drain before it worsens and causes real damage such as flooding. Leave a blocked drain longer than you need to can exacerbate the problem and some issues, such as blocked toilets or foul smells, can cause disruption to any home or business.

At Jonny’s Drains, we’re no stranger to unblocking drains in Sevenoaks and can often clear a blockage within an hour using a range of tools and techniques, including:


Drain Jetting is one of most common types of drain unblocking in Sevenoaks thanks to its effectiveness. High pressure water is jetted into the drain pipe to clear the blockage and the inside walls of the pipe.


On the occasions where the blockage is more stubborn to budge, we utilise drain rodding to clear the blockage, This involves a rod affixed with a camera that is placed into the drainage system to locate the blockage before being thrust through the obstruction to clear the pipe.


Sometimes the blockage in a drainage pipe is cause by tree roots. For this we use rooter tools which sever the roots inside allowing the drainage system to be cleared so normal service can resume.

What If My Drain Cannot Be Unblocked?

There are times when our usual techniques to unblock drains don’t work and if this is the case, we won’t charge a penny. Instead, we will arrange to inspect your drainage system at a later appointment to discover the source of the blockage using our CCTV drain survey equipment which will then allow our drainage engineer to unblock your drain.

Household Drain Unblocking in Sevenoaks: Swift Solutions for a Smooth Flow

Are you struggling with a blocked toilet or other drainage issues in your Sevenoaks home? Look no further! Our expert team at Sevenoaks Drainage Services is here to provide efficient and reliable solutions. With our extensive experience in drain cleaning, repairs, and comprehensive drainage services, we have become a trusted name in the industry.

Understanding Drainage Issues and Blockages

Dealing with drain blockages is a common challenge faced by homeowners. Blocked toilets, sinks, or showers can disrupt your daily routine and cause inconvenience. Understanding the underlying causes of these blockages can help you address the issue effectively.

Drain Cleaning Sevenoaks: Preventative Maintenance

Regular drain cleaning is crucial for maintaining a healthy and efficient drainage system. Over time, debris such as hair, soap residue, food particles, and mineral deposits can accumulate and lead to blockages. Our drain cleaning services in Sevenoaks are designed to prevent these issues.

By utilizing advanced techniques and specialized equipment, we can remove built-up debris and ensure a smooth flow of water through your drains. Regular drain cleaning not only prevents blockages but also enhances the overall performance of your drainage system.

Swift Solutions for Drain Blockages

When you encounter a drain blockage, whether it’s a stubborn toilet clog or a slow-draining sink, prompt action is essential. Our team at Sevenoaks Drainage Services is equipped to handle a wide range of drain blockages with efficiency and expertise.

Using state-of-the-art tools such as drain rods, high-pressure water jetting, and drain cameras, we can quickly identify the cause and location of the blockage. Our skilled technicians then employ the most appropriate techniques to unblock your drains and restore optimal flow.

Drain Repairs in Sevenoaks

In some cases, a drain blockage may be an indication of underlying issues within your drainage system. Our drain repair services in Sevenoaks encompass a comprehensive approach to address any structural or functional problems.

Our team conducts thorough inspections to identify damaged or deteriorated pipes, collapsed drains, or other issues compromising your drainage system. We provide tailored solutions to rectify these problems, ensuring long-term functionality and preventing future blockages.

Trust the Experts in Sevenoaks Drainage Services

When it comes to household drain blockages and maintenance, you can trust the expertise of Jonny’s Drains for Sevenoaks Drain Services. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service that meets your specific needs. Our team combines years of experience, advanced equipment, and a customer-centric approach to ensure your satisfaction.

Don’t let drain blockages or other drainage issues disrupt your daily life. Contact us today for reliable drain cleaning, repairs, and comprehensive drainage services in Sevenoaks. We are here to resolve your drainage challenges swiftly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth flow for your home.

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CCTV Drain Surveys in Sevenoaks

If your drain has been cleaned thoroughly using drain jetting but is still blocked, then a Drain Survey may be undertaken to find out what exactly what is causing the blockage.

Jonny’s Drains offer domestic and commercial CCTV Drain Surveys in Sevenoaks for customers looking to get to the bottom of clogged drains and for those who simply wish to check the condition of their drainage system. Using the latest camera technology, a CCTV drain survey will identify what’s occurring inside of the drainage system, whether it’s tree roots that have broken through the pipework causing an obstruction or old pipework that has collapsed over time.

The footage from the drain survey will be burned onto a DVD and a quote provided if any repair is needed to the drainage system.

Homebuyer’s Drain Survey

Are you thinking of buying a home?  Before you agree or exchange contracts, it’s best to have a Homebuyer’s Drain Survey undertaken so that you know exactly what you’re getting from your desired property.

Jonny’s Drains offers comprehensive Homebuyer’s Drain Surveys in Sevenoaks which will report on the condition of the drain pipes and will highlight any issues with the drainage system of the property. This can save you from wandering blind into an expensive nightmare if there’s work that needs to be carried out, Upon completion, the Homebuyer’s Drain report can be used as a negotiation point or to highlight issues that the owner needs to fix and repair before the exchange.

Commercial Drain Mapping

If you’re a building contractor working on a new housing development or converting a building into flats, you will need to know the current infrastructure of the drainage system.

Jonny’s Drains offer commercial drain mapping in Sevenoaks to provide you with an accurate map of the current drainage system including drainage routes, manhole points, connections, water flow and pipeline integrity.

Drain Installations in Sevenoaks

If your pipework above or below ground is defective or faulty, Jonny’s Drains have the knowledge and experience to fix your drainage system.

We can undertake a variety of drain repairs in Sevenoaks utilising various methods to solve your drainage woes, including:

drain repairs sevenoaks

Drain Replacement & Drain Installation

If your pipework has corroded over time or collapsed, something which pitch fibre pipes are susceptible to, then having your drainage replaced with new pipe can be the best solution. Jonny undertakes all kinds of drainage installations from fresh drain pipe laying for properties without existing drainage solutions to drainage replacement.

Drain Moling

Drain Moling is an ideal alternative to drain excavation due to its trenchless technology. Drain moling utilises impact moling equipment which can drill through and allows drains to be replaced, installed or relined as it goes. Less mess and upheaval to the customer is why we prefer this method.

Drain Lining

There are instances where a pipe may not need to be replaced. If the drain has cracked then the pipe can sometimes be lined instead. Drain lining is a cost-effective drain repair solution and acts as a second skin, lining the interior of the pipe and preventing further damage to the pipe. The drainage system is cleaned thoroughly before the drain lining is applied. Once installed, the drain lining provides a smooth, non-abrasive surface for water to flow along.

Drain Excavation

Sometimes we’re unable to provide drain moling due to the job required. In these cases we provide drain excavation which involves digging up an area to remove or lay drainage pipe.


If your property suffers from standing water or a swampy front or back garden, then you may benefit from having a soakaway installed. Nobody wants a boggy garden and we know that the water has to go somewhere. By having a soakaway installed in Sevenoaks, the water from the roof and ground of your property will be properly drained away, preventing your property from flooding and from water running into your neighbor’s land.

Installation & Repair of Sewage Pump Stations in Sevenoaks

Not all properties are situated above the mains sewer system which means transporting waste water away from the property needs to be assisted. In instances like these, Jonny’s Drains can install a pump station to allow waste water to be pumped away from the property.

Jonny’s Drains provides sewage pump installation in Sevenoaks for all types of properties, be it domestic, commercial or industrial. We can provide a full installation of wet well chamber, control unit and pump, or just replace certain parts if you find yourself in need of an upgrade.

We can also repair pump stations in Sevenoaks from the control units to the pump and chamber. With use, parts can succumb to wear and tear so it’s always beneficial to take advantage of our sewage pump servicing. By having the pump station serviced, we can repair or replace any worn parts so that your pump station remains in working order.

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