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CIPP Repair – Drain Lining in Kent & Surrey

When drains become damaged, you don’t necessarily need drain replacement which can be a costly solution especially if the damage isn’t necessarily that severe.

If the drain pipes have cracked or have experienced minor damage, then I can repair them instead using drain lining – a cost-effective solution that restores the functionality of the pipe as well as the structural integrity.


What is Drain Lining?

Drain lining, also referred to as Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining (CIPP Lining), is a method in which a resin lining is used to coat the inside of the existing drainage pipe to act as a second skin and cover over any existing damage. The lining structurally repairs the pipe and brings it back to working order once again, providing a tough, durable pipe that can handle your sewage and water.

I can fit highly-resistant drain lining in Kent & Surrey to drain pipes of all angles and sizes without the need to excavate. We can provide full length pipe lining for extensive damage or patch lining if only a small section of pipe is affected.

A free CCTV drain survey is also undertaken following drain lining application to ensure that the drainage system is working as it should.

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Drain Relining in Kent & Surrey

If you’ve discovered a collapsed liner in your drain or your previous drain liner has failed, speak to Jonny’s Drains.

I can professionally install drain lining on all types of pipework of domestic, commercial and industrial properties throughout the area. So if you need your old liner removing and the drain relining, call today for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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