blocked toilet kent

“It’s just a blocked toilet”

This was a typical, Friday afternoon, “It’s just a blocked toilet” call from a customer in need. Several drainage engineers attended and unblocked the toilet multiple times but hadn’t found the root cause.

 Unblocking the toilet first then inspecting the pipework was the only swift way to get to the bottom of the recurring issue.

Having conducted a CCTV drain survey, it was clear there was a vast amount of scale within the drain. Unfortunately, this was a first floor flat above a busy Sainsbury’s local supermarket, with all the pipework being high level within their storage area.

Luckily a friendly store manager and a handily placed access cap made life a little easier.

access ceiling drain       Drain Access

Being a problem solver often means using unconventional tools and methods. This was one such occasion. A crowbar and a flattened length of 22mm copper made short work of the scale within this short section of pipe.

Blocked Toilet

Once all the scale had been removed and the pipe checked once again using CCTV equipment, the rest of the pipes were cleaned using high pressure water jetting to ensure the rest would remain free flowing.

drain clearing kent

Needless to say, the customer was relieved to know that this wouldn’t happen again and that his tenants could use the bathroom as normal.

Having the knowledge and the right tools makes most difficult jobs achievable in a relatively short space of time. This is the difference between getting an expensive bill for a poor job and an inexpensive bill for a good one.

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