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 Jonny’s Drains is an independent drainage company that offers a comprehensive range of drainage services in Worthing to commercial and domestic clients. With over 12 years’ experience in the drainage industry, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of service to all our customers at competitive, local prices.

From minor sink blockages to the installation of new pipework, every job we undertake is given the same level of attention. By using the latest tools and technology, we are able to offer an affordable range of services that includes drain repair, drain cleaning, drain replacement and CCTV drain surveys.

Jonny’s dedication to exceptional customer service has also been highlighted by Tommy Walsh on the BBC TV programme ‘Cowboys and Angels’ with Jonny being highlighted as a “property angel”.

If you’re looking for assistance with your drains and are looking for a reliable drainage company in Worthing, speak to Jonny’s Drains today.

Blocked Drains in Worthing

There are a number of signs that indicate you may be suffering from blocked drains in your home or business. Slow draining sinks or baths, foul unpleasant smells and localised flooding are usually indications that you have a blocked drain pipe. 

Jonny’s Drains can tackle your blocked drains in Worthing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a full range of drain unblocking services using professional tools and equipment to get rid of your clogged drains and restore functionality to your system.

Drains often become blocked either by household waste such as grease, oils or fats which can build up inside the pipes over time causing an obstruction. However, blockages can also be caused by misuse which normally involves putting items such as wet wipes and nappies into your system. Items such as these do not disintegrate and as a result are likely to cause an obstruction.

We advise all customers to contact us immediately if they think there is a problem within their drainage system. Failure to deal with a drainage issue quickly can lead to the problem escalating. Once this happens, repairs can be not only more expensive but also disruptive to your home.

We utilise various methods in order to unblock and clear your drains, including:


Drain Jetting involves sending high pressure jets of water through your system which not only removes obstructions but also cleans your whole system.

This effectively clears the drainage pipework of debris.


Drain rodding employs the use of hard-wearing manual drainage rods to break up more stubborn obstructions by hand.

This can be used alongside drain jetting to both clear and clean your drainage system.


Tree root intrusion can be a cause of both drain blocking and drain damage.

To clear the problem, we will use a bladed cable rooter to cut through any roots that have infiltrated your pipework.

If you find your property suffering from blocked drains in Worthing, our drainage engineers are here for you. Jonny’s Drains operates a 24/7 call out service meaning we can usually be with you within an hour. This will ensure your blockage is removed quickly preventing further damage.

In the rare event that we are unable to be unblock your system using our effective methods of drain unblocking, we will not charge you a penny. Instead, we will arrange to undertake a CCTV drain survey at your property to identify and locate the blockage in your drainage.

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Drain Investigation – CCTV Drain Surveys in Worthing

There are times when drains cannot be cleared using our usual methods. This is usually an indicator that something more than debris is blocking the drain, such as a collapsed liner or even collapsed drains. When this occurs, we recommend undertaking a drain investigation of the system.

Jonny’s Drains provides CCTV drain surveys in Worthing to identify difficult blockages or possible damage within the drainage system. By feeding a specialist drain camera into your pipework that sends a live video feed to the engineer above ground, we can identify precisely what and where the issue is. Once properly located and analysed, we can recommend the remedial work to unblock your drains or repair any damage. Prior to commencing any work, all costs will be outlined and agreed with you along with a timescale so that you have all the necessary information before confirming whether or not you wish to proceed.

Along with repairs, CCTV drain surveys are useful if you are looking to do any renovation work on your existing home or are looking to buy a new house or business. A CCTV drain survey will identify any existing issues or highlight any developing problems that may cause issues with your drains in the future.

All of our drain surveys come with a DVD and report of the findings from our drain investigation.

Homebuyer Drain Surveys

Our Homebuyer drain survey will give you a complete overview of the current state of the drainage system. The report and DVD footage we provide can be used to get remedial work completed prior to exchanging contracts or as a negotiating tool over the price. 

Insurance companies and mortgage lenders may require a Homebuyer Drain Survey if you require their services. As the drains aren’t part of a standard property survey nor are they something that estate agents check, it’s important to have the drainage system checked before purchasing a property in order to avoid any nasty (or expensive!) surprises later on.

For more information about our Homebuyer and CCTV drain surveys in Worthing, contact us today.

Drain Repairs in Worthing

Jonny’s Drains pride ourselves on being able to perform a complete range of drain repairs in Worthing. No matter how the damage to your drainpipes has been caused, whether it is through an uncleared blockage or corrosion over time, we can provide suitable drain repairs to correct and fix your faulty system.

There are a variety of ways in which your drains can be repaired. Options include patch repairs, drain lining or even drain replacement. We always ensure cost-effective and durable repair options, such as CIPP lining, are considered before resorting to drain replacement, which is only often required in the instance that the damage to the drain pipe is too great. Once work needed has been agreed, we will complete the remedial work as quickly and efficiently as possible to restore your system to working order.

In some older properties, the original pipes they may be of either lead or cast-iron construction. Once these pipes start to corrode then it is usually advisable and more cost effective to replace them with a more modern construction that will last for years.

If your drainage system has developed cracks or fractures, we would usually recommend drain lining. This involves inserting a resin lining into your pipework covering the cracks and forming a new lining. This gives your system a smooth lining that aids the flow of waste through your pipes.

Our services also include drain moling; a no-dig trenchless option used mainly for repair which results in minimal disruption to your property. We can also perform drain excavation which is used mainly for the installation of new pipework such as for extensions or property development.

We are also able to offer a regular drain maintenance programme which can be especially useful for landlords who have a number of properties.

Contact Jonny’s Drains today for a no-obligation quote for drain repairs in Worthing at your domestic, commercial or industrial property.

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Drain Smoke Testing

We are, at presen,t the only UK company to offer smoke testing services for drainage systems. This involves pumping non-toxic smoke into your drainage system to highlight and expose issues such as loose connections, gaps in pipework, and hidden manholes while testing the vent pipe effectiveness.

If you think you may have an issue with your drains and are unsure of the issue a drain smoke test could be the answer.


If you are suffering from unexplained flooding in your garden or driveway you may benefit from the installation of a soakaway. A soakaway will ensure that water drains away from your property and prevents flooding in your home or business.

It is important to avoid flooding as standing water if not dealt with can become a serious health hazard.

Sewage Pump Station Installation & Repair in Worthing

If your pump station in Chichester is in need of repair or maintenance work, contact our team at Jonny’s Drains. We are able to carry out a full range of services, from replacing single components to installing a completely new pump station.

Sewage pump stations are required in properties that have a drainage system placed below the main sewers. As a result, a pump station is needed to pump waste upwards away from the property.

Do you need your wet well chamber unblocking? Or are you suffering from a damaged control panel? Whatever your problem, Jonny’s Drains are just a phone call away. We can provide everything from pump station installation, part replacement, repair and servicing to ensure your sewage pump station is working correctly and efficiently.

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