Blocked Drains Horsham

Blocked Drains in Horsham

​Is water draining slowly down the plug hole? Can you smell foul odours? Is your toilet refusing to flush and clear? These are all tell-tale signs of a blocked drain. Drainage engineer Jonny’s Drains provides expert drain cleaning services for clearing blocked drains in Horsham. Having worked on residential and commercial drainage for over 12 years, Jonny’s Drains is committed to delivering the very best service, utilising the latest drainage technology and equipment to make your drain blockage a thing of the past.

Described as a property angel by TV host Tommy Walsh on BBC’s Cowboys and Angels, on which Jonny serviced the drains of the community, Jonny’s Drains is an independent drainage company you can trust with competitive rates and a dedication to providing each and every customer with the highest level of workmanship.

For thorough, professional drain cleaning in Horsham, contact Jonny’s Drains today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Unblocking Drains in Horsham

Keeping your drains clear is something most people try to do in their household from making sure not to dispose of sanitary products, contraceptives and baby wipes down the toilet to using household liquid unblockers bought from the local shop. Sometimes it’s the little things, like pouring cooking oil down the plug or allowing hair to be swept down the drain, that can soon build up into a blockage that makes normal tasks, such as emptying a sink of water, into a problem.

As a specialist drainage engineer, Jonny’s Drains has seen all sorts of causes of blockages when attending blocked drains in Horsham. Whilst most often it’s a result of a build up of waste products, such as fat and waste products, particularly in commercial outlets such as restaurants and pubs, it can sometimes be an act of nature with unruly tree roots growing and breaking through the drainage pipe, causing an obstruction.

If you ever suspect your drain might be blocked, whether it’s from smelly grids or from slow draining water, call in your local professional drainage expert to take a look. Failure to do so may result in the blockage growing bigger, obstructing the water flow even further which could cause water to back up and flood your property.

Jonny’s Drains is the drainage engineer you can trust. With our fixed prices for drain unblocking in Horsham for both domestic and commercial properties, Jonny can rid your clogged drains of the blockage and get them back to health once again.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Jonny’s Drains uses a variety of methods for drain clearance and cleaning blocked drains, including:


Drain Jetting is one of the most common and popular types of drain unblocking thanks to its success rate. The interior of the drain is water jetted at a high pressure to clean the pipe and clear the blockage.


Drain rodding is an alternate method in which a rod is inserted into the drains to locate and push through the blockage. A plunger type extension may be affixed to the end to help disturb the obstruction.


Ideal for tackling tree roots in the drains, the rooter is a cable with a bladed end that is fed into the pipe to sever any roots or clear the clogged drain.

Drain unblocking prices in Horsham are from £85 +VAT and in most cases your blocked drain can be cleared within the hour using the above methods. However, if your blocked drain proves more problematic and refuses to clear using our usual solutions, then we won’t charge a penny. Instead, we’ll arrange to inspect your drainage system utilising our CCTV drain survey equipment to find the exact location and cause of your blockage.

cctv drain surveys horsham

CCTV Drain Surveys in Horsham

An important part of drainage care is ensuring your drainage system is working efficiently and isn’t damaged or faulty in any way.

Jonny’s Drains can undertake CCTV drain surveys in Horsham to find stubborn blockages or to inspect the condition of drains for homeowners, business owners and property buyers. If your drainage system is suffering from obstructions, leaks, cracks or general disrepair, our CCTV drain equipment will be able to detect it so that repair work can be carried out.

CCTV Drain Surveys are suitable for anyone who suspects they may be having drainage issues, particularly if you live in an older property where the system hasn’t been inspected for a number of years. A drain survey may discover issues in the early stages, allowing you to rectify them before they transform into a bigger, more costlier issue.

We also provide drain surveys in Horsham for homeowners and property developers who may be extending a property or converting it, thus requiring an inspection of the drainage system.

Whether it’s a domestic, commercial or industrial CCTV drain survey you require, speak to Jonny’s Drains today. All of our drain surveys come with a detailed report and a DVD containing the footage recorded during the survey. Should there be any issues that are developing or faults that have occurred within the system, our drainage engineer will be able to provide a quote for the remedial work required.

Homebuyer’s Drain Survey Reports

When buying a home, it’s recommended to have the property inspected to ensure it’s in good condition before you sign or hand any money over. Whilst a traditional home buyer’s report involves the chartered surveyor inspecting the property for various visible issues, the drainage condition is an important aspect that is unfortunately not covered.

Jonny’s Drains can provide a fully detailed home buyer drain survey in Horsham to give potential homebuyers the peace of mind they desire when purchasing a property. Our state-of-the-art CCTV equipment will highlight the condition of the pipes and any issues plaguing the drainage system which will allow you to make an informed decision about the property. This can allow home buyers to renegotiate the property deal or instruct the seller to repair should they wish to proceed.

Drain Mapping

If you’re a construction company or housing developer looking to either build, extend or convert properties, then Jonny’s drain mapping service will provide you with all the necessary infrastructure information you will need about the existing drainage system.

Drain mapping services highlight the water flow, condition of the drainage system, manhole points, routes and connections.

For a thorough inspection of your system, contact Jonny’s Drains for a quote for drain mapping and CCTV drain surveys in Horsham.

Drain Installations & Repairs

​Drains, like many other installations, can succumb to the environment and usage, particularly misuse, over time which can lead to inefficiency and damage such as cracks and leaks.

Jonny’s Drains offer drain repairs in Horsham to fix your faulty drains with a range of solutions available and implemented to the highest standard for maximum customer satisfaction. All repair work and installations are in safe hands with Jonny.

drain repairs horsham

Drain Moling in Horsham

When repairing drainage systems, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to excavate the area. In many cases, drain moling technology can be utilised to complete the repair job and ensure as little mess and upheaval as possible so life can resume as normal. Where excavation would require an area to be dug up, drain moling is ‘no dig’ trenchless technology and allows us to drill through and install or replace piping – a method similar to how keyhole surgery works.


If your garden or driveway suffers from flooding or standing water due to poor drainage, it may be worth considering having a soakaway installed. Without one, rain water flooding can not only damage your property but that of your neighbour’s as well which could result in a financial and legal headache.

Jonny’s Drains can install a soakaway in Horsham which will collect the rain water and drain it from your property into the ground, preventing your garden from becoming a soggy marsh.

Drain Lining

Whilst some damaged drainage pipes are beyond repair and need to be replaced, others with minor faults can benefit from drain lining instead. This involves lining the drain with a ‘second skin’ which will restore the drain to working condition and help to prevent further damage to the pipe.

Drain Pipe Installation or Replacement

Where old pipes are beyond repair or made from unsuitable materials that are now obsolete or deemed a health risk, such as pitch fibre or lead piping, it may be beneficial to have your drainage pipes replaced using modern materials that are both practical and durable to carry water or waste water away from your property.

Jonny’s Drains can install drainage solutions from pipes and connectors to a full drainage system for new build properties and developments. Jonny can even install and repair pump stations that are used on properties where the drainage system is situated below the mains sewer to help pump water and sewage away from the property.

Installation & Repair of Sewage Pump Stations in Horsham

If you require a pump station to be fitted at your property, just give Jonny a call.

Jonny’s Drains can install sewage pump stations in Horsham and the surrounding areas, for properties who’s drainage sits beneath the mains sewer. As water is usually carried away from the property via gravity, in the instances where this isn’t possible a pump and wet well chamber is installed at the property along with a control unit that pumps the water when it fills capacity.

If you already have a pump station but it isn’t working as it should do, then it may need to be repaired. Jonny can repair pump stations in Horsham, from complete pump station repairs and replacements to single part replacements.

pump station horsham

Unblock Drains in Horsham: Swift Solutions for a Blocked Toilet and Drainage Problems with Jonny’s Drains

Are you facing the frustration of blocked drains or experiencing drainage issues in your Horsham home? Look no further! Jonny’s Drains drain engineers specialize in providing prompt and effective solutions. With our expertise in drain unblocking, cleaning, and repairs, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality service to households in Horsham and the surrounding areas.

Decoding Blocked Drains: Solving the Mystery of Drainage Issues

Blocked drains can be a major inconvenience in any household. Understanding the underlying causes of these blockages is key to finding the right solution. Let us shed light on the most common culprits and how Jonny’s Drains can help you with unblocking drains!

Expert Drain Unblocking in Horsham: Swiftly Clearing the Way

When a drain becomes blocked, it can disrupt your daily routine and cause stress. At Jonny’s Drains, we specialize in swift drain unblocking, using advanced techniques and tools to remove obstructions efficiently.

With a burst of precision, our experienced team identifies the source of the blockage, whether it’s due to accumulated debris, tree root intrusion, or other factors. We then apply the most appropriate methods, such as high-pressure water jetting or drain rodding, to clear the blockage and restore the smooth flow of your drains. Say goodbye to blocked toilets and sinks and welcome the relief of uninterrupted drainage.

Drain Cleaning: Restoring Optimal Flow and Functionality

Regular drain cleaning is essential for maintaining a healthy and efficient drainage system. Over time, drains can accumulate debris, such as hair, grease, soap scum, and other substances, leading to blockages. At Jonny’s Drains, we employ state-of-the-art techniques to restore your drains to their optimal condition.

With a burst of efficiency, we utilize high-pressure water jetting and specialized cleaning solutions to remove stubborn deposits and obstructions. Witness the burst of renewed vitality as we restore the optimal flow and functionality of your drains.

Expert Drain Repairs in Horsham: Restoring Long-Term Functionality

In some cases, a blocked drain may indicate underlying issues within your drainage system that require repairs. At Jonny’s Drains, we offer comprehensive drain repair services to address these problems.

With a burst of expertise, our skilled technicians conduct thorough inspections to identify damaged pipes, leaks, or other defects affecting your drainage system. We provide tailored solutions, using advanced techniques and high-quality materials to restore the optimal functionality of your drains. Experience the burst of confidence as we provide long-lasting solutions to your drain problems.

Trust the Expertise of Jonny’s Drains

When it comes to unblocking household drains and providing comprehensive drainage services, you can trust the expertise of Jonny’s Drains. Bursting with professionalism and dedication, our team strives to exceed your expectations. Combining our years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a customer-centric approach, we ensure your satisfaction.

Don’t let blocked drains or drainage issues disrupt your daily life. Contact Jonny’s Drains today for reliable drain unblocking, cleaning, and repair services in Horsham. Experience the burst of relief as we restore the flow and harmony within your home.

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