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Our team at Jonny’s Drains pride ourselves on offering our customers the complete range of drainage services in Maidstone and surrounding areas such as Sevenoaks and Tonbridge. As an independent drainage company, we are able to undertake all different types of drainage work on domestic and commercial properties of all sizes, from clearing blocked toilets and blocked sinks to complete installations of drains, soakaways and pump stations.

Along with our normal service, we are also able to offer a 24/7 call out service so that even if your drainage emergency happens in the middle of the night or on a weekend, we are here for you.

Highlighted on the BBC programme ‘Cowboys and Angels’ by Tommy Walsh as a ‘property angel’, Jonny and his team are dedicated to providing an honest, reliable service with competitive prices.

All our professional drainage engineers have access to industry leading tools and technology that enables them to resolve any type of drainage issue large or small. To get a free no-obligation quote regarding your drainage, speak to Jonny’s Drains today.

Blocked Drains in Maidstone

Slow draining sinks and toilets that don’t flush correctly can be an indication that you have a blockage in your drainage system. Blocked drains, if not given immediate attention, can lead to more serious issues such as localised flooding and unpleasant smells. If you find your property suffering from any of these problems then we would advise you get the problem resolved immediately to prevent it escalating.

Jonny’s Drains provide clearance of blocked drains in Maidstone for all types of properties, whether it be domestic, commercial or industrial. Whether it’s a blockage of baby wipes in the system or fats, oils and grease that have congealed with other debris within the pipework, our drainage engineer will be able to provide effectively drain clearance to ensure your system is working correctly once again.

We are able to provide drain unblocking using a number of methods, all of which are approved by the NADC. By using the latest professional equipment, we can usually clear blocked drains in Maidstone on our first visit and have your drainage system back up and running in no time.

Your drains will generally be unblocked using one of the following methods:


Drain Jetting involves the use of high-powered water jets being propelled through your system.

This method will not only clear blockages but also thoroughly cleans your pipework and helps prevent future problems.


The use of hard-wearing drain rods allows us to manually break up the obstructions in your system clearing the blockage and allowing the waste water to flow freely again. This method of drain cleaning is usually followed by drain jetting.


Tree root intrusion is a common form of blockage where the roots have infiltrated the pipework and caused a blockage.

We are able to clear the pipes using root cutter equipment and remove all blockages from your system.

We pride ourselves on offering a cost-effective drain clearance in Maidstone for home and business owners. However, if for any reason we are not able to clear your blockage using our drain cleaning equipment, we will not charge you for the call out. Instead we will undertake a drain survey to determine the exact location and nature of the blockage to ensure we can successfully unblock your drainage system. Stubborn blockages can be down to a number of things including root ingress, collapsed liners or damaged pipework.

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Drain Investigation – CCTV Drain Surveys in Maidstone

Should you find yourself suffering from a blockage to your drainage system that is proving difficult to locate and clear, Jonny’s Drains can help. By undertaking one of our CCTV Drain Surveys in Maidstone, we will be able to accurately locate the obstruction and determine the best course of action to free your system.

Our CCTV drain surveys involve inserting a specialist drainage camera probe through the system that will send a live feed back to our engineer above ground. This enables our drain engineer to identify the exact position and cause of the problem and decide on the most appropriate work required to rectify the issue. Drain surveys are perfect for identifying issues such as broken pipework, tree root intrusion and almost any other type of blockage. Our CCTV drain surveys are ideal for both domestic premises and commercial properties in order to investigate drainage issues within their drain system.

Following every drain survey in Maidstone which we we undertake, we provide a detailed report along with a DVD of the footage captured during the survey, enabling you to see the issues affecting your drainage system. We will also provide a quote for any remedial work that is required to get your system fully operational again. 

Homebuyer Drain Surveys in Maidstone

For most people, the purchase of a house is the biggest financial commitment they will make in their lifetime so it makes sense to be as well informed about the property as possible. By undertaking one of our homebuyer’s drain surveys, you will be able to discover if there are any issues with the drainage of the house you’re looking to purchase , potentially saving you from a hefty repair bill should there be unseen issues. If the Homebuyer Drain Survey identifies potential issues within the drainage system, you can have them rectified by the seller or re-negotiate on the price of the property.

Drain Surveys aren’t compulsory when buying a property but it’s always beneficial to have one, especially if you’re looking at a period property that may be using original pipework. Some third party organisations, such as home insurance and mortgage providers, may require a drain survey to be undertaken before you can gain access to their services.

Drain Repairs in Maidstone

If you find you have suffered damage to your drainage system, it is imperative that the problem is rectified as quickly as possible to avoid escalation of both the problem and cost of the repairs.

Our team at Jonny’s Drains are able to offer a complete range of drain repairs in Maidstone including drain lining, drain replacement and pitch fibre repairs. Whatever type of repair we undertake we will always endeavour to cause as little disruption as possible to your home or business.

When repairing drainage systems, we are honest in the solutions available. We won’t require that you need a drainage replacement if a repair will work just as well at a fraction of the price.

One of the most popular forms of drain repair is a method called CIPP lining or drain lining. This involves inserting a resin lining inside the pipework and inflating it to create a hardened inner lining inside the pipework. This is an effective and long lasting repair for pipework with minor damage such as cracks in the pipes and doesn’t require excavation . Drain lining can be used for full pipes or patch repair. 

In the cases where your drains are damaged to the point where we are unable to repair them, we can also provide a full drain pipe replacement and installation service. However, please be assured we only undertake this course of action after we have explored all other, less expensive, highly effective repair options.

Along with replacement services, our engineers are able to install full sewage treatment plants for new build properties or extensions to your current home or business. We are also able to install soakaways for properties that routinely have issues with flooding.

If you find yourself in need of reliable drainage repairs in Maidstone, call Jonny’s Drains on 01959 928853.

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Sewage Pump Station Installation & Repair in Maidstone

Properties that are situated below the main sewer system will, in most cases, require a pump to remove waste water from your property.

Jonny’s Drains offer a full repair and installation service for sewage pump stations in Maidstone. We can install and repair everything from individual components, such as a pump control unit, to a full pump station.

We are also able to offer a wet well chamber clearance service should yours suffer from a build up of waste water due to a blockage. Our engineer will remove the blockage to get your chamber operating as it should. It is important to keep on top of this to ensure functionality of the system as the wet well chamber collects waste water and stores it until it reaches a certain level when it pumps it into the main system.

For more information on installation and maintenance of sewage pump stations in Maidstone, contact Jonny’s Drains today.

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