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Quite often people underestimate the importance of a drainage system to the smooth running of a property. Things like blockages or drainage damage can lead to flooding or in more severe cases structural damage. If you find yourself in need of a reliable drainage company in Uckfield we are here for you. Here at Jonnys Drains we can not only clear blockages and repair drainpipes but install completely new systems. Whatever type of drainage problem you encounter here at Jonnys Drains we have the solution.

With 12 years’ experience in the drainage industry Jonny has the skills and knowledge to cater for all your drainage needs. With access to all the latest tools and technology Jonny is well equipped to deliver everything from simple drain cleaning to a complicated drain replacement and installation. Here at Jonnys Drains our attitude is no job is too big or too small, every task we undertake is given the same level of detail and attention.

To ensure we are able to react to your drainage needs when you most need us, we have a 24/7 365 day call out facility. This means that even if you suffer a blocked drain on Saturday night or bank holiday Monday, we are here for you. A quick call and Jonny will be with you to get your system back up and running quickly and efficiently at a price that won’t break the bank.

Here at Jonnys Drains our commitment to our customers was highlighted by Tommy Walsh on BBCs ‘Cowboys and Angels’. On the programme Jonny was described as a property angel as a result of the quality of our work. So, whatever your drainage problem if you need a reliable drainage company in Uckfield call us here at Jonnys Drains without delay

Drain Unblocking in Uckfield

At some point most properties will suffer from a drain blockage of some kind. However, when it happens at your home or business premises if not treated quickly it can result in the need for more extensive and costly repairs. Here at Jonnys Drains we offer customers an industry leading drain unblocking service in Uckfield. As soon as you suspect your drains are becoming blocked, we would advise you contact a professional drainage engineer without delay.

There are a number of tell-tale signs that your drains may be blocked. Issues such as slow draining sinks, toilets that won’t flush or nasty smells coming from your drains can all be an indication of blocked drains in Uckfield. Should you encounter any of the issues listed above around your property or if you find yourself with unexpected flooding contact our team today.

There are many reasons why drains become blocked, however the most common one tends to be misuse by homeowners or in commercial properties staff and patrons. Things such as pouring or flushing unsuitable items down toilets and sinks can cause havoc in your drainage system. Unsuitable items include oils, fats and grease, sanitary products, baby wipes and nappies. It may be possible to initially clear blockages with shop bought liquids however, this is generally only a short-term solution. The only certain way to unblock your drains in Uckfied is to bring in a drainage engineer with specialist equipment.

Here at Jonnys Drains our team have access to industry leading techniques and equipment ensuring we are able to clear any type of blockage. Some of the techniques we use to unblock drains in Uckfield are:


: An extremely popular method due to its high success rate. Drain Jetting involves sending high pressure jets of water through your system. This not only helps remove any blockages but will thoroughly clean your pipework.

This in turn helps prevent future blockages while leaving your system with a smooth surface to ensure your waste water runs smoothly.


Sometimes drain jets cannot completely clear more stubborn obstructions. In these cases, Jonny will use hard wearing drain rods to manually remove the blockage.

Drain Rodding can be used in conjunction with drain jetting to clear and clean your drains.


Another reasons for drains becoming blocked is a build up of natural waste or if tree roots get into your system. If you suffer tree root intrusion it can not only block but damage your drains.

To remove these roots, we use a bladed cable that will cut through the roots and leave your system clear.

What If My Drain Cannot Be Unblocked?

If and it is a rare occurrence we cannot clear your drains using our normal methods we will not charge you for that visit. Instead, we will arrange to revisit and undertake a CCTV drain survey. This will help us to locate and identify the exact issue and agree with you an appropriate solution.

For all the information on our industry leading drain unblocking service in Uckfield contact Jonny today.

drain surveys Uckfield

CCTV Drain Surveys in Uckfield

If you find yourself suffering with a blocked drain or maybe some drainage damage, it may well be worth having a CCTV drain survey to get an overview of the health of your pipework.

Here at Jonnys Drains we can provide CCTV Drain Surveys in Uckfield in for both homes and businesses. To get a clear indication of what is happening below ground we will insert a specialist camera into your system. That camera will then send a live feed to our engineer on the surface. The footage from that feed enables him to assess your pipework, locate and identify any issues and the remedial action needed to rectify them.

All this information will be contained in a written report and accompanying DVD provided to you once the survey has been completed. We will also discuss the work required and provide you with quotes for it. The reports from our survey can also be useful as proof of the condition of your drains for a third party.

Homebuyer’s Drain Survey

If you in the process of buying a property you will be required by any lender to have a structural survey. However, there is no mandatory requirement to undertake a survey of the drains of the property. Our Homeowner Drain Survey in Uckfield will provide you with all the information you need on the condition of your drains. You can use this report to get any outstanding work done prior to completing your purchase. Failing that the report can be used to renegotiate the price taking into account the work required.

Commercial Drain Mapping in Uckfield

Do you need to get a clear understanding of the layout of the drains of your property? If so one of our drain mapping surveys in Uckfield can provide the solution. Our drain mapping service will give you an outline of the infrastructure of your drains.

This will identify all drainage routes, manhole points, connections and pipeline integrity. To get more information on our drain mapping service ring our team at Jonnys Drains today.

Drain Repairs in Uckfield

​Have you got damage to your drains that is causing you problems such as flooding to your property? Is so call us here at Jonnys Drains, we have a comprehensive range of drain repairs in Uckfield that can rectify any problem. As well as repairing existing drain pipes we are also able to replace damaged pipes and install completely new pipework when and if necessary.

Whatever type of drainage damage you suffer we can provide a solution. Some of the most popular drain repair solutions in Uckfield include:


drain repairs Uckfield

Drain Replacement & Drain Installation

: As well as repairing your drains Jonny is able to where necessary replace damaged pipes or install new ones. Jonny will always look to repair existing pipework if possible, however, if this is not possible the work will be done in a way that causes our customers a minimum amount of disruption.

We are also able to install completely new systems if you are doing renovations, an extension or building a new property.

Drain Moling

Drain Moling is a no dig technology that involves drilling into your system to repair and replace pipes. By using this method, we can remove the need for excavation which is in most cases more expensive and disruptive.

A similar technique to keyhole surgery drain moling is a quick and efficient way to repair your drains.

Drain Lining

: An often used and successful repair solution drain lining can restore pipework removing need for replacement. Drain lining involves the insertion of a resin layer into your pipework to seal leaks and repair cracks and fractures.

By undertaking this process, you can ensure that your system functions properly and your waste water runs away from the property freely and efficiently.

Pressurised Smoke Testing

If you are looking to identify the location of a leak or loose connection in your drainage system pressurised smoke testing is the ideal tool.

By pumping non toxic smoke through your drains we can test for any leaks or imperfections in your system.


Soakaways provide an ideal solution for properties that regularly suffer from flooding to gardens and driveways. Soakaways will collect any excess water from heavy rainfall and ensure it is safely removed from your property.

Failure to remove standing water can lead to it becoming stagnant and causing a health hazard. If the flooding spills over into a neighbours property you could find yourself faced with costly legal action.

To get all the information on our complete range of drain repairs in Uckfield contact Jonny today.

Installation & Repair of Sewage Pump Stations in Uckfield

Waste water is normally removed from your property through your system using gravity. However, if you find yourself with a property that sits below the main sewerage system you will need to install a pump to remove your waste water.

Here at Jonnys Drains we can install, repair or service sewage pump stations in Uckfield. This includes Pumps, wet well chambers and sewage control systems.

Along with the installation of complete Sewage Pump Stations we also provide a full repair and maintenance service. Wet Well Chambers as with any drainage system can become blocked and as such require regular cleaning and maintenance. Here at Jonnys Drains we offer our customers an annual and bi annual maintenance programme to ensure your system will continue to function normally.

To get all the information on our sewage pump station installation, repair and maintenance services in Uckfield call our team at Jonnys Drains as soon as possible.

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