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As the first port of call for drainage services in Eastbourne and surrounding areas, such as Bexhill and Uckfield, you can rely on Jonny’s Drains to provide a high quality service. With over 12 years experience in installing and repairing commercial and domestic drainage, we can offer a range of drainage services tailored to our clients’ needs.

As a dedicated drainage company, our team at Jonny’s Drains utilise the latest equipment, from crawler cam to drainage jet, to ensure your system is professionally serviced. We guarantee 100% dedication to all your drainage issues no matter if they are large or small. From laying new pipework to clearing a simple blockage in your drainage at home, we are here for you.

You may recognise Jonny from BBC TV programme ‘Cowboys and Angels’ where TV builder Tommy Walsh labelled Jonny as a ‘property angel’. But don’t just take Tommy’s word for it. Jonny’s Drains is a local, independent drainage company in Eastbourne you can trust to deliver the right job.

For further information on how we can help you with all your drainage needs, call and speak to Jonny’s Drains today.

Clearing Blocked Drains in Eastbourne

Do you have a problematic shower drain or unidentified drain smells around your home? Perhaps you’ve experienced areas of flooding around the property but are unsure where they are coming from? Wherever the issue, be it at home or in the office, Jonny’s Drains can help.

Jonny’s Drains has been unblocking drains in Eastbourne for a number of years, providing round-the-clock drain cleaning service for those drainage emergencies at home and at work.

Our team can provide a wide variety of drain unblocking services to clear your drains of blockages. One of the main culprits for causing blockages in your home are fats and oils that coagulate and block pipes causing a multitude of problems. That’s without the issue of unflushables that end up in the system, like baby wipes and sanitary products. Using specialist drain clearance equipment, we can effectively clear your pipes to ensure effluent and waste water is flowing freely once more.

Unblocking drains safely and efficiently is what we do, no matter if it’s a blocked sink, blocked toilet or clogged drain. Some of the drain unblocking solutions we utilise include:



Drain jetting is ideal for the removal of any type of blockage and can flush the entire system in order to prevent further unwanted blockages occurring.

Using high pressure jets of water, it is a commonly-used and extremely effective method of unblocking drains.


Our team also use drainage rods as a robust tool to disassemble tougher blockages that need to be tackled directly.

In addition to Drain Jetting, this is an essential way of unblocking drains that we use in many homes and workplaces.


We can offer a specialised root cutting service which is designed to eradicate tree root ingress that may be affecting your pipework, causing damage and blockages.

If you identify any type of drainage problem or suspect you have blocked drains in Eastbourne, do not hesitate in calling us. Avoid disruption and minimise any damage; let our experts take over and resolve your drainage problems with ease.

Our emergency, on-call service means we are on hand to promptly assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So no matter if it’s early hours of the morning, or a late night blockage, Jonny and his team can be on your doorstep to fix your drainage headache.

In the unlikely event that our usual methods of drain cleaning are unsuccessful, we won’t charge you a penny! Drains that refuse to clear can be a sign of other problems in the pipework. Instead, we can arrange a return to the property to undertake a CCTV drain survey to locate the blockage and identify the cause of the clog. This is especially important if drains block regularly as there may be damage inside the pipe causing the obstruction.

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Drain Investigation – CCTV Drain Surveys in Eastbourne

If your property has a history of drainage problems or you have a blockage that refuses to budge, then our drainage engineers may need to undertake a drain inspection to find out exactly what is going on. 

Jonny’s Drains deliver CCTV drain surveys in Eastbourne to accurately identify and assess blockages or damage in drainage systems. Using a camera probe inserted into the pipework, we can locate the blockage or damage as well as assess any other issues for concern.

On identification of the problem, we can plan the remedial and repair work and provide the associated costs beforehand to avoid surprises and ensure work is carried out to the agreed timescale.

All of our drain surveys come with a DVD of the footage obtained during the inspection along with a detailed report of our findings.

Homebuyer’s Drain Surveys in Eastbourne

If you are looking to purchase new premises or a home, or planning some renovations to an existing property, a drain inspection can provide you with the necessary information that you need to know about the drainage before signing any contract or commencing construction work.

Our team can deliver homebuyer drainage surveys in Eastbourne to provide a full audit of your drainage system to ensure you don’t encounter any nasty surprises down the line. As drainage is often overlooked and not checked unless there is an issue, ensuring the drainage of the property you’re purchasing is in good condition can save you an expense later on. Our drainage survey will highlight the condition of the drain and expose any developing issues you may need to be aware of.

To find out more about our CCTV drain surveys in Eastbourne, contact Jonny today.


Drain Repairs in Eastbourne

No matter how your drains have been damaged or broken, whether it’s from wear-and-tear over a period of decades without being serviced, or perhaps a particularly severe blockage has disturbed the pipework, it’s best to get a professional drainage engineer out promptly before the damage worsens.

Jonny’s Drains provide a range of drain repairs in Eastbourne for homes and businesses. In terms of repairs, with a variety of options available depending on the specifics of your drainage problem. From drain lining and pipe replacement to patch repairs, we have the skills, expertise and experience to provide high quality repairs for your system.

After the initial investigation and inspection of your drainage system, our drainage engineers will always consult you in discussing what we consider the most effective and cost-efficient solution. With your agreement we can then get to work on ensuring your drainage system is operating at its very best.

Some of our customers come to us needing our help with drainage in older homes and buildings. This often means the pipework in the property is either cast iron or lead meaning they easily corrode over time. In these situations, we can offer a full service to include replacing the piping in keeping with more modern homes.

One of the most popular repairs we undertake is drain lining, also known as CIPP lining (cured in place pipe lining). As a cost-effective, durable repair, drain lining is suitable for any system where cracks and fractures have appeared. Simply put, this process consists of forming a new internal coating using a resin type lining. This effectively covers the cracks and acts as a new lining meaning a clear course for all piped water.

In addition to our standard drainage services, we also offer ‘Drain Moling’ which involves equipment that creates a path through the ground, displacing the earth rather than excavating it. If required, our engineers can also carry out drain excavation in readiness for brand new pipework at any kind of premises. For landlords, we can also provide a drain maintenance programme to ease the headache of drainage needs on multiple properties.

drain repairs eastbourne

Drain Smoke Testing

Here at Jonny’s Drains we are proud to be the only UK provider of Drain Smoke testing. This procedure is carried out by pumping non- toxic smoke through the current system in order to identify any areas that may need work.

This could be gaps, manholes or even loose connections. This is the ideal way to test the efficiency of your current drainage system and how effective your vent pipes are. If this sounds like something that could assist you with your drainage issues call our team today.


Unexpected flooding at your home or commercial premises can be troublesome particularly when the cause is unknown. Should you experience this in your driveway or garden it may be beneficial to consider a soakaway.

Ideally placed to ensure excess water drains away from your property. This will help avoid health issues from standing and stagnant water.

Sewage Pump Station Installation & Repair in Eastbourne

For those properties whose drainage system is situated below the main sewer network, a sewage pump station is usually required. Normally this demands a functioning pump station so that any waste material makes its way upward and away from your premises.

Jonny’s Drains can provide pump installation in Eastbourne as well as offering maintenance and pump station repairs, even if your pump station hasn’t been fitted by us! We are able to carry out a full range of services, from replacing single components to the installation of a completely new system.

With deep knowledge and experience of the various aspects of pump stations, from the replacement of control panels to more complicated repairs, there’s no better company to turn to than Jonny’s Drains. Contact us today.

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Unblock Your Household Drains in Eastbourne: Expert Solutions for Blocked Toilets and Drainage Issues

Are you grappling with a stubborn blocked drain or experiencing drainage issues in your Eastbourne home? Fret not! Our team of skilled drainage engineers at Jonny’s Drains are here to provide swift and effective solutions, Eastbourne blocked drains are our speciality!

With our drain cleaning, clearance, and repairs expertise, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality service to households throughout Eastbourne and the surrounding areas.

Decoding Blocked Drains: Solving the Mystery of Drainage Issues

Dealing with a blocked drain can be a perplexing and disruptive ordeal. Understanding the underlying causes of these blockages is key to finding the right solution. Let us shed some light on the most common culprits and how our burst of expertise can help you.

Expert Drain Cleaning in Eastbourne: Bursting Through the Obstructions

Regular drain cleaning is essential for maintaining a healthy and efficient drainage system. Over time, drains can accumulate debris such as hair, grease, food particles, and other substances, leading to blockages. Our drain cleaning services in Eastbourne harness state-of-the-art techniques to rejuvenate your drains.

With a burst of precision, we employ advanced equipment and expert knowledge to clear away any obstructions. Witness the burst of renewed vitality as we restore your drains’ optimal flow and functionality!

Swift Solutions for Blocked Drains Eastbourne

Blocked toilets and sinks can cause significant inconvenience in any household. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a foreign object lodged in the pipe, or an accumulation of waste, our team at Eastbourne Drain Clearers is equipped to tackle these issues head-on.

We can easily deal with any of the following:

  • Blocked toilet
  • Blocked sink
  • Blocked shower
  • Blocked bath
  • Blocked anything!

With a burst of efficiency, our skilled drainage engineers swiftly identify the cause of the blockage using drain cameras and other cutting-edge technology. We then apply the most appropriate techniques, such as drain rods or high-pressure water jetting, to clear the blockage and restore the proper flow.

Say goodbye to blocked toilets and sinks, and welcome the relief of uninterrupted drainage!

Expert Drainage Repairs in Eastbourne

In some cases, a blocked drain may indicate underlying issues within your drainage system that require drain repairs. Our drainage repair services in Eastbourne encompass a burst of comprehensive solutions to address these problems.

Our experienced team conducts thorough inspections, utilizing their expertise to identify damaged pipes, leaks, or other defects affecting your drainage system. With precision and skill, we deliver tailored repairs that restore the optimal functionality of your drains. Witness the burst of confidence as we provide long-lasting solutions to your drainage issues.

Trust the Expertise of Eastbourne Drain Clearers

When it comes to unblocking household drains and providing comprehensive drainage services, you can trust the expertise of Eastbourne Drain Clearers. Bursting with professionalism and dedication, our team strives to exceed your expectations. Combining our extensive experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a customer-centric approach, we ensure your satisfaction.

Don’t let blocked drains or drainage issues disrupt your daily life. Contact us today for reliable drain cleaning, clearance, and repair services in Eastbourne.

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