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When you find yourself suffering from blocked drains it can put a strain on the everyday running of your home or business. The use of DIY liquids while occasionally useful in the short term are in the majority of cases only a temporary fix meaning the problem will inevitably reoccur. By not completely clearing a blockage quickly you are risking the problem escalating into a more serious and expensive problem. Here at Jonnys Drains we are able to provide an affordable range of drain unblocking and repair services in Horley. All our drain engineers are fully trained in the latest techniques meaning they are able to deal with all your drainage problems quickly and efficiently. Irrespective of whether you need a drainage professional to unblock your kitchen sink or replace a broken drain we are here for you.

As an independent drainage company with more than 12 years’ experience we can resolve any drainage problem large or small. The outstanding quality of our work and customer service was highlighted by Tommy Walsh on the BBC show ‘Cowboys and Angels’. On the show Jonny was given the title of property angel for his commitment to quality and customer service.

Our 24/7 call out service means we can be reached at any time of day or night. Whether you need us to clear a blocked drain in the middle of the night or repair your drains on a bank holiday, we are here for you. If you find yourself in need of a trusted and reliable drainage company in Horley call us without delay.

Unblocking Drains in Horley

The presence of a blockage in your commercial or domestic drainage system can be not only inconvenient but very damaging to your property. Here at Jonnys Drains our professional engineers are equipped with the latest tools and technology meaning we can clear any type of blockage with the minimum fuss.

If you do not clear any type of blockage quickly it can escalate into a more serious and costly problem. Blocked drains put a serious amount of pressure on your drain pipes which can lead to cracks and collapses. This in turn can lead to flooding and possible structural damage which can not only be expensive but put the health of your property at risk.

Here at Jonnys Drains we can unblock drains in Horley quickly and ensure your system is fully operational again in no time.
Some of the wide-ranging techniques we have at our disposal to clear your drains include:


Drain Jetting is an often-used technique due to its high level of success. By sending high powered water jets through your system, we are able to remove any obstructions and thoroughly clean your system.

This enables waste water to run freely through your system ensuring your drains operate without any issue.


Occasionally we encounter particularly stubborn blockages that need an alternative approach. When this happens, we are able to use hard wearing drain rods to manually break up the blockage.

Drain Rodding can be used in conjunction with drain jetting so that once the blockage is cleared your drains are clean and running freely.


The intrusion of tree roots into your drains is a major cause of blockage and damage to drainage pipes. To clear your system of these roots we use a bladed cable to cut through the roots, enabling us to remove them from your drains.

This will remove the risk of them continuing to grow and cause further issues.


What If My Drain Cannot Be Unblocked?

The causes of blocked drains are not always easy to spot with the naked eye. These occasions are few and far between however, if we attend your property and are not able to clear your drains straight away, we will not charge you.

We will arrange to return to your property and undertake a CCTV drain survey. We can then identify the problem and decide on the appropriate treatment needed to completely clear your system.

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CCTV Drain Surveys in Horley

Damage or blockages to drains can in some cases be extremely difficult to spot. In some cases, it is difficult to exactly pinpoint the problem without more detailed investigation. The fact that some of these issues occur below ground things such as tree root intrusion are not easily detected by the naked eye. By undertaking a CCTV survey in Horley our engineers can fully inspect your drains enabling them to locate any current issues or weaknesses in your drains.

By inserting an industry leading drainage camera into your system and feeding a live stream by to our drainage expert on the surface we get clear visibility of the whole of your drains. This ensures we can pinpoint any issues and take an informed decision on the most affordable and appropriate solution.

On completion of your survey, you will be provided with a detailed written report on your system and any problems and weaknesses that it is suffering from. Along with the written report you can also get a visual report in the form of a DVD. We will also provide you with a quote for any remedial work that is required to return your system to full working order.
For information on our industry leading CCTV surveys in Horley contact our team at Jonnys Drains today.

Homebuyer’s Drain Survey

When buying any type of property be it a home or business it is always important to get as much information as possible about your purchase. Our homebuyer drain survey in Horley will give you a complete overview of the drainage system of your prospective purchase. Our survey will highlight any issues that currently exist or weaknesses that may cause you a problem in the future. This will enable you to either get any work needed done prior to completion or renegotiate the price to take into account the work required.

Commercial Drain Mapping in Horley

Whether you are a homeowner looking to do an extension or a developer renovating a property or doing a new build our drain mapping service is ideal for you. Drain mapping in Horley will give you a detailed plan of the current drainage system in and around your property. This allows you to plan any changes you may need to the existing system or plan a new system.

Drain Repairs in Horley

Drainage systems play an important part in the smooth running of any residential or business premises. When they become damaged if not repaired quickly it can cause stress and put a strain on finances. Here at Jonnys Drains we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and affordable drain repair service in Horley that can cover any number of problems.

Our complete range of drain repair services in Horley include:

drain repairs Horley

Drain Replacement & Drain Installation

As well as repairing damaged drains we are also able to offer customers a full drainpipe installation service. In some cases, drain pipes become damaged beyond repair, in these cases we are able to replace not just individual pipes but complete systems. Our drainpipe replacement and installation services are perfect for anyone doing an extension or a new build.

Drain Moling

A no dig technology that has been liked to keyhole surgery drain moling allows us to repair and replace pipes without excavation. This means your pipework can be repaired or replaced with minimum disruption to your home or business. Drain moling is becoming one of the most popular methods of drain repair.

Smoke Testing

If you think you may have leaks or cracks in your drainage system our pressurised smoke testing in Horley is a perfect way to detect them. By pumping non toxic smoke through your system we are able to accurately highlight any leaks or hidden manholes. Here at Jonnys drains we are proud to be the only provider of smoke testing in the UK.

Drain Lining

Drain lining is an excellent way of repairing cracked and broken pipes and sealing leaks. The insertion of a resin layer into your pipework gives it a second skin preventing waste water escaping from your system. This ensures your system operates efficiently and your waste water can run smoothly away from your property

Drain Excavation

: In some cases, we are not able to avoid excavation when repairing or replacing pipework. When excavation is required, we will ensure that it is undertaken in a way that causes the least amount of disruption to your home or business. Once the work is completed, we will ensure the area is returned to its original condition and any mess is cleared away.

Pitch Fibre Repairs

A cheaper type of material used in the construction of drainpipes from the 50’s to the 70’s Pitch Fibre has proved to be very unreliable. Pitch Fibre has now become prone to causing the pipes to collapse. Here at Jonnys Drains we are able to provide more modern and durable replacements to ensure your system continues to function as it should


Soakaways are an ideal solution for properties that continually suffer from flooding or areas of standing water on your garden or driveway. The presence of stagnant water around your property can be a serious health hazard. By installing a soakaway on your property any excess water will be collected up and safely taken away from your property

Installation & Repair of Sewage Pump Stations in Horley

If you are looking to install a sewage pump station into your property, call us here at Jonnys Drains. If your property is situated below the main sewer gravity is not able to take your waste water away into the main sewer. As a result, you will need to install a sewage pump station to safely take your waste into the main sewer.

With a sewage pump station water is collected in your wet well chamber prior to being pumped away from your property. Wet well chamber like any other drainage pipe can become blocked. Here at Jonnys Drains we offer a complete Sewage Pump Station repair and maintenance service in Horley. As your pump station is vital to the smooth operation of your drains, we advise you have your system serviced regularly. Here at Jonnys Drains we can provide customers an annual maintenance programme to make sure your system remains in full working order.

So, if you need any information on the installation, repair or maintenance of your sewage pump station in Horley we are here for you. Call us here at Jonnys drains to get all the information.

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