Stack Pipe Replacement Westerham

Drain Repair – Croydon Road, Westerham, TN16

Problem: Leaking waste pipe

Symptoms: Waste water causing damp

Jonny’s Job Notes:

I was called out to investigate a leak coming from a cast iron stack pipe taking waste from two bathrooms. The lower half of the stack pipe was original cast iron and the upper part was newer plastic.

Following a thorough inspection it was evident that the cast iron stack pipe had a large longitudinal crack that was allowing water to escape and cause damp on this lovely Westerham house.

cracked pipe westerham

This particular customer was in a rush to repair the drain due to her travelling the following day so the remedial work commenced immediately.

snap cutter stack pipe westerham
Cut Stack Pipe Westerham
Stack Pipe Replacement Westerham

Using a specialist snap cutter, the pipe was carefully cut and removed to allow the new section of plastic pipe to be installed. As this drain did not terminate directly into an inspection chamber, a rodding access cap was also installed to allow access for emergency unblocking.