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Our local drainage specialists are ready and waiting to unblock your drain. Whether it’s a blocked toilet or shower, or a dreaded drain collapse, get in touch and speak to an engineer immediately for a no obligation quote or general advice.

Here at Jonny’s Drains, our experts have the equipment and experience to unblock any stubborn drain, carry out a CCTV drain survey or general drain repairs. We provide effective solutions for drain unblocking and use techniques such as drain jetting, root cutting and scale removal in the Medway, Kent area.



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Having serviced Kent for over 12 years, we at Jonny’s Drains have ample experience. Offering a reliable, affordable and quality service in Medway. Drainage problems can be a nightmare, unless they’re dealt with quickly and effectively. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your issue with a specialist.

Whether you’re dealing with an imminent flood in your bathroom, or a surveys picked up a drainage problem in an outdoor manhole, we’ll be able to help you. We’re always around, 24/7 and we offer no obligation quotes, just give us a call!


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Why Choose Jonny’s Drains?


There are plenty of drainage companies available today, but a personable service with a focus on customer service is rare to find these days.

24/7 Emergency Drain Unblocking

We understand first hand how stressful a drain blockage can be, whether you discover a blocked toilet just before bed or an overflowing shower just as you’re waking up, emergency drain repairs are important, we get it! You can count on our team of friendly engineers to get to you in a timely manner and unblock, or repair, whatever the issue.

Over a Decade of Experience

There’s nothing we haven’t seen in the drainage world, trust us. We’ve been servicing Medway and the surrounding areas for over 12 years, and we’ve seen our fair share of challenges. We’re confident in repairing any problem and we’ll continue to make our customers proud for years to come.

We’re Never Far Away

Our team of specialist drainage engineers are never far away. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest in drainage technology and our fleet of vans are fully loaded with the best equipment.

You Won’t Be Disappointed

Our team provides a quality, trusted and cost-effective service for both residential and commercial customers. Our team are personable, friendly and customer satisfaction is the goal.

If you have a problem with a blocked drain, then you can get in touch with one of our friendly team on 07572 442 605 or email info@jonnys-drains.co.uk we can provide you with a no-obligation quote.

You can request a call back here and one of our team will get in touch with you.

Drain Unblocking and Jetting Tonbridge

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting is a simple and effective way to clear your blocked drains and is often a much better option than using drain rods which in some cases might not be able to reach the problem.

Drain jetting uses high pressure water to flush out and clear drains in those hard-to-reach places such as bends and given the force of the water can travel down the pipes in order to remove the blockage.

Drain Unblocking and Rodding Tonbridge

Drain Rodding

Some blocked drains don’t require as much force and so drain rodding is used to free the pipes of the blockage which is done by hand and force.

This process uses an extended pole which is manually pushed through, drain jetting can then be used to remove any leftover debris.

Drain Unblocking and Crown Cutting Tonbridge

Crown Cutter

Sometimes drains can become blocked as a result of cement, tree root ingress, failed/collapsed liners and more which can be tough to clear.

In this instance our team of experts will use a Crown Cutter which is a versatile piece of equipment that is an integral part of a drain cleaning company’s arsenal.

Unblock Your Household Drains in Medway: Swift Solutions for Blocked Toilets and Drainage Issues with Jonny’s Drains

Are you facing the frustration of blocked drains or experiencing drainage issues in your Medway home? Look no further! Jonny’s Drains specializes in providing prompt and effective solutions.

With our expertise in drain cleaning, unblocking, and comprehensive drainage services, we are dedicated to delivering top-quality service to households in Medway and surrounding areas.

Decoding Blocked Drains: Solving the Mystery of Drainage Issues

Blocked drains can be a major inconvenience in any household. Understanding the underlying causes of these blockages is key to finding the right solution.

Let us shed light on the most common culprits and how Jonny’s Drains can help you.

Expert Drain Cleaning in Medway: Bursting Through Obstructions

Regular drain cleaning is vital for maintaining a healthy and efficient drainage system. Over time, drains can accumulate debris such as hair, grease, soap residue, and other substances, leading to blockages. At Jonny’s Drains, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to restore your drains to optimal performance.

With a burst of efficiency, our experienced team employs advanced equipment and techniques to clear away any obstructions. Witness the burst of rejuvenation as we restore the smooth flow and functionality of your drains.

Swift Solutions for Blocked Toilets, Sinks, and Showers

Blocked toilets, sinks, and showers can disrupt your daily routine and cause inconvenience. At Jonny’s Drains, we are well-equipped to handle these challenges with expertise and efficiency.

Our team identifies the cause of the blockage using advanced drain cameras and diagnostic tools. We then apply the most suitable techniques, such as drain rods or high-pressure water jetting, to clear the blockage and restore proper flow.

Bid farewell to blocked toilets, sinks, and showers and embrace the relief of uninterrupted drainage.

Comprehensive Drainage Services in Medway

Jonny’s Drains offers a range of comprehensive drainage services to address all your needs and most important unblock drains! From unblocking baths to addressing complex drainage issues, we have the expertise and experience to provide effective solutions.

Our dedicated team conducts thorough inspections to identify underlying problems in your drainage system. We deliver targeted drain repairs and maintenance on broken drains or cracked drains, ensuring long-term functionality, and preventing future blockages.

Trust the Expertise of Jonny’s Drains for Blocked Drains Medway

When it comes to drain unblocking and providing comprehensive drainage services, you can trust the expertise of Jonny’s Drains. Bursting with professionalism and dedication, our team strives to exceed your expectations.

We ensure your satisfaction by combining our years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a customer-centric approach for unblocking drains.

Don’t let blocked drains or drainage issues disrupt your daily life. Contact Jonny’s Drains today for reliable drain cleaning, unblocking, and comprehensive drainage services in Medway. Experience the burst of relief as we restore the flow and harmony within your home.

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Many of my customers require drain unblocking in Medway and the surrounding areas, be it toilet and sink blockages, clogged up waste pipes or manholes. If you discover a blockage, don’t delay. I offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week service and can often unblock your drain within an hour. So if you have emergency drainage issues, contact Jonny’s Drains straight away on 01959 928 853.

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