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Cleaning Blocked Drains in Twickenham

​Blocked drains can easily become a nightmare to live with. What may start off as a small draining problem may develop into a bigger blockage that causes water to back up and not clear, rendering appliances out of action. If you’ve a blocked toilet, for instance, it’s important to have the drain cleared quickly so that it can be used again. If you own a bar, restaurant or pub, blocked toilets do not reflect well on your business and you’ll soon find disgruntled customers making a complaint or, worse still, deciding to avoid your venue in future.

Jonny’s Drains is a reputable, independent drainage company that has the expertise to clear your blocked drains in Twickenham. Using the latest in drainage equipment and technology, Jonny can make short work of your drainage problem so it’s a thing of the past. Apart from drain cleaning, Jonny’s Drains can deliver a variety of drainage services to help get your system back to full health, including the installation of brand new pipework for new builds, extensions and in instances where old pipe needs replacing.

Operating a 24/7 emergency service, Jonny’s Drains can be round your home or business whatever the time of day to attend the drains. With our professional service, competitive rates and round-the-clock attendance, your drainage is in safe hands with Jonny’s Drains.

Having been described as a “property angel” by BBC TV host Tommy Walsh, you can trust Jonny’s Drains to provide a complete and thorough service.

Drain Unblocking in Twickenham

​When you’ve a large household or run a business, it’s easy for things to end up in the drains that shouldn’t be there. Sanitary products, baby wipes, paper towels and toys can often end up being flushed, none of which help to maintain a healthy drainage system. In the kitchen, pouring fats, oil and grease down the sink should be avoided at all costs as these stick to the inside of the pipes and harden when cool, causing major blockages.

Drain blockages can’t always be avoided but it;s important that you get a professional drainage engineer to take a look at the drainage to clear the clogged drain as quickly as possibly to prevent the from blockage worsening as this could cause flooding and damage to your property which may be costly to rectify.

Jonny’s Drains have all the equipment needed to thoroughly clean your drains. Whether a domestic or commercial property, we always take care when drain unblocking in Twickenham to get your drains clear and working at optimal condition. Using various methods, including drain jetting and rodding, to clean the interior of the pipework, we can often get your drain unblocked within an hour. And if for some reason we can’t unblock your drain? You won’t be charged a penny. In these instances where a blockage refuses to clear using our regular effective methods, it may be that the blockage is more than just a build up of fat or debris. It could be collapsed pipework or tree roots invading the pipes instead. A drain survey would be required to find out what exactly is causing the blockage to be able to properly rectify the issue.

  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Blocked Baths
  • Blocked Showers
  • Blocked Gullys
  • Blocked Waste Pipes
  • Blocked Manholes
  • Blocked Rainwater Pipes
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CCTV Drain Surveys in Twickenham

To properly assess the condition of a drainage system, it is required to investigate thoroughly via a CCTV drain survey.

Jonny’s Drains can perform drain surveys in Twickenham for domestic, commercial and industrial properties to find out what issues may be affecting the drainage system. Using a camera probe, our drainage engineer will be able to investigate and asses what exactly is happening inside the pipework.

Drain surveys are often used for buildings that regularly experience blocked drains or for those that have a blockage that refuses to budge using traditional drain jetting and drain rodding methods.

Our CCTV drain surveys include details on pipe material, condition, diameter, invert levels and direction of flow. Mapping can also be provided in the form of CAD drawings, which is usually required by building sites, offices and industrial complexes.

If you’re on the property ladder and are looking to purchase a property, we recommend taking out a drain survey to check that the property’s drainage is in full working order. Also known as a Home Buyer’s Drain Survey, these drain surveys will detail any issue with the drainage allowing you to negotiate with the owner if remedial work is needed. A CCTV drain survey report may also be needed by a mortgage provider or insurance company.

Drain Repairs in Twickenham

​Any properties that require drain repair in Twickenham can contact Jonny’s Drains.

Jonny and his team can repair faulty, damaged or cracked pipework that is leaking or causing a disjointed route for the water to flow along.

Jonny’s Drains can also undertake drain installation for new build properties, property conversions and extensions. Replacement pipework may also be laid in instances where the old pipework has failed due to severe corrosion. This is usually in period properties using old cast iron and fibre pitch pipes. These can be replaced with durable, modern alternatives.

Not all drain repairs require the replacement of pipework. In some cases where the damage is minor, drain lining may be an effective solution. Drain lining acts as an inner layer, covering any cracks that may be present, and provides a smooth, non-abrasive surface for water to travel along.

A free CCTV drain survey is undertaken following any drain repair or drain installation undertaken by Jonny’s Drains to ensure the drainage system is working properly, free of faults or obstructions.

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