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Jonny’s Drains is a reliable and trusted, independent drainage company in Burgess Hill. With a comprehensive range of drain repair, clearance and installation services, we can cater to the needs of all our customers, domestic and commercial. Whether you are suffering from a blockage of a soil pipe or collapsed drains have caused you untold headaches, Jonny and his team of experienced drainage engineers are here for you.

Jonny has over 12 years of experience in the drainage industry and in that time has dealt with every type of drainage problem you can imagine. No matter the size of job, we will give it the same level of attention as the next. By utilising top-of-the-range drainage tools and equipment, our engineers are able to solve any type of drainage issue that may arise. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can call Jonny morning, noon or night to fix your drainage problems.

Our local prices, competitive quotes and quality workmanship have given us the reputation of being a drainage company in Burgess Hill you can trust in. Jonny’s reputation for being a respected tradesman has even been featured on BBC’s ‘Cowboys and Angels’ TV programme where host Tommy Walsh described Jonny as a ‘property angel’.

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    Drain Unblocking in Burgess Hill

    If you find yourself with foul-smelling, stagnant water around your drains, it’s highly likely your drain pipes are blocked. From sewage backing up to a sink that drains slowly, all of these are signs that your drain could be blocked. 

    As soon as you suspect you have a problem, call a professional drainage engineer without delay. If not cleared quickly, blocked drains can result in more serious issues. Problems, such as cracked or fractured pipes, can lead to issues such as flooding and structural damage to your property if not attended.

    Jonny’s Drains specialises in cleaning blocked drains in Burgess Hill. From domestic to commercial properties, our team can unblock all types of drains to ensure waste water is flowing unobstructed once again.

    Blockages often occur as a result of unsuitable items being poured or flushed into your system. Grease, fats, oils, sanitary products and wet wipes are the major culprits in causing blockages inside the drains but even organic matter, such as tree roots, can be destructive to your system. If you require drain unblocking in Burgess Hill, we are only a phone call away. With our emergency 24/7 service, there’s no need to struggle with a blocked toilet, blocked sink or overflowing grid til morning. Whatever the time, day or night, our drainage engineers are on standby, ready and waiting to sort out your drainage woes.

    When drain cleaning, we use a range of effective methods to ensure the blockage is removed and your pipework is clear. On the rare occasion we are unable to clear your drains on our initial visit, there will be no charge. We will arrange to undertake a CCTV Drain Survey to identify the issue as blockages that fail to clear using our drain clearance methods usually indicate a different problem inside the system. Once this is done, we will be able to give you a quote for any appropriate remedial work that may be required.

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    Drain Unblocking Services We Offer

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    Drain Jetting

    This popular method uses drain jetting equipment that disperses water at high pressure into your drain system.

    Drain Jetting not only blasts away any obstructions but thoroughly cleans your system. This gives the pipework a smooth surface that will aid the flow of waste water through your system.

    Drain Rodding

    Used to remove the most stubborn blockages by hand drain rodding involves inserting hard wearing drainage rods into your system.

    Often used in conjunction with drain jetting to completely clear and clean your drainage system.

    Root Cutting

    If your drainage system has become blocked by tree roots, we can use a specialist root cutter tool to remove them.

    By feeding a bladed cable into the pipework, we are able to cut away the roots and clear your system.

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    CCTV Drain Surveys in Burgess Hill

    Jonny’s Drains can provide CCTV Drain Surveys in Burgess Hill for commercial and domestic customers. CCTV Drain Surveys are an ideal solution if you find yourself suffering from unexplained or recurring drainage issues. By feeding a specialist drain camera probe through your system, we can fully investigate your whole system to locate any issues which may be causing the problems. Footage captured by the camera is displayed live on a monitor above ground which our drainage engineer will be able to analyse and identify any blockages, collapsed pipework or other issues.

    We provide a DVD and written report with every drain survey we undertake. This will give you a clear view of the condition of your drains and any problems that we have identified during the drain survey. We will  advise on the next steps and will happily provide a free, no-obligation quote for any remedial work that may be needed to restore your drains to full working order.


    Homebuyer’s Drain Surveys in Burgess Hill

    Our Homebuyer Drain Surveys in Burgess Hill are ideal for people who are looking to enter the property market. If you are looking to purchase a property, it is advisable to get an understanding of the conditions of the drains before purchasing. Our Homebuyer Drain Survey provides customers with a detailed analysis of the condition of the drains. Our report will highlight any current or developing issues you may need to be aware of which can be used as a bargaining tool when negotiating price with the sellers. Alternatively, you could use the report to ask the vendor to undertake any repairs to the property’s drains prior to the sale. Some third parties, such as mortgage lenders and insurance companies, may require a homebuyer’s drain survey in order to supply their services.

    Drain Repairs in Burgess Hill

    ​Whether the damage to your drains is the result of tree root intrusion, corroded pipes or blockages to your system, we have the experience, skills and professional tools to undertake the work.

    Our drainage engineers are able to perform all manner of different drain repairs in Burgess Hill. All our work is carried out to the highest standard and comes with a guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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    Drain Excavation

    There are times where we may have to excavate an area in order to access the drainage. We will always explore other access points before resorting to drain excavation.

    In instances where we excavate a site, you can be assured it will be carried out causing minimal disruption to your property.

    Drain Moling

    Our Drain Moling service is a no-dig technology that eliminates the need for excavation. Though in some cases we have no choice but to excavate an area, where we can we always use drain moling techniques.

    By using Drain Moling equipment, we are able to drill down to your system to repair and replace your pipes. 

    Drain Lining

    A popular and effective method of repair, Drain Lining is a process that involves the insertion of a resin lining into your drains to form a strengthened, durable second skin. This is an ideal repair for cracks and fractures and the prevention of leaks.

    Once installed, drain lining leaves your system with a smooth surface that aids the flow of waste water through your drainage system.

    Pitch Fibre Repairs

    Pitch Fibre was a cheaper material used in the manufacture of drain pipes between 1950 and 1970. Unfortunately, Pitch Fibre was found to be a poor-quality material that was prone to collapse.

    Our team is able to carry out repairs on Pitch Fibre pipes or replace them with more modern and durable materials.

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    If you find that water fails to drain away from your property after heavy rain, then a soakaway may be the perfect solution. We can install a soakaway that will collect excess water and prevent it from flooding your property or your neighbours’.

    It is important to remove standing water, as if it is left alone it can become a health hazard.

    Smoke Testing

    Smoke Testing

    As the only UK company offering this service, we are able to provide Smoke Testing in Burgess Hill for Commercial and Domestic properties. Smoke Testing involves pumping non toxic smoke through your drainage system.

    The smoke will identify any loose connections, gaps or hidden manholes. Smoke testing is also ideal for exposing weaknesses in your system and highlighting pipe defects above or below ground.

    Drain Installation and Replacement

    When drains become damaged beyond repair it becomes necessary to replace them.

    Our drainage engineers are able to replace and install drainage, whether it’s individual pipes or complete drainage systems.

    Our drainage installation and replacement is suitable for new build properties, period properties, apartment buildings and other domestic and commercial properties.

    Sewage Pump Station Installation & Repair in Burgess Hill 

    If you find yourself with a property below the main sewer you will require a pump station to remove waste water from your home. These properties are unable to take advantage of gravity to help waste water flow away from your premises which results in the need for the pump station.

    Jonny’s Drains can install and repair Sewage Pump Stations in Burgess Hill. This includes replacing single components along with entire systems. Because of the importance of keeping your drainage system functioning, we suggest that our customers have their system serviced regularly as prevention is often cheaper than cure.

    If you need your wet well chamber unblocking or a replacement control panel, we are here for you. Whatever type of problem you encounter with your sewage pump station, contact Jonny’s Drains.


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